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Make Spider Cookies

Updated on January 6, 2016

It Is Easy To Make Spider Cookies For Halloween - Look At My Spider Twinkie!

It is so easy to make spider cookies for Halloween or any other time of the year. You don't need any special tools or knowledge or even skill to create some delicious and very cute spiders from candies and treats that are easy to find. We have all seen the work and talent that goes into fondant cookie toppers. Some of them are a bit intimidating to those of us with little artist talents and to combine sculpture and creative skills to cookie decorating is a little over-whelming. Well, calm down, my spider cookie decorating ideas are so easy little kids can do it. These simple cookie decorating ideas might not show up on a TV show, but they will be a huge hit in your kitchen! So...come on and find out how easy and how fun it can be to make spider cookies this year for Halloween!

You will find lots of ideas and video instructions to make some of your own fun, easy and even scary Halloween spider cookies. The Twinkie spider picture and the cookie picture on this page belong to me.

Look At My Spider Twinkie - Okay A Twinkie Is Not A Cookie

Twinkies are not cookies but they do make great spider treats for Halloween. And they are super easy to decorate. As you can see by looking at my one eyed, multi-legged twinkie I used sugar eyeball decorations, string licorice and a bit of chocolate frosting to create this easy, scary and tasty Halloween treat. I think my little spidey cookie looks great...don't you?

Make Your Spider Cookies With

Twinkies, Devil Dogs, Hostess Snowballs!

Here's How To Make Spider Twinkies

Easy Halloween Cookie And Dessert Ideas

Get a pack of sugar eyeballs, some string licorice, Twinkies and some chocolate frosting. Cut your string licorice in 2" or 3" pieces - it depends on how long you want your spider's legs to be. Frost each Twinkie, add an eyeball or 2 or 10, insert licorice to the sides of the Twinkie and you are done. This is a finger lickin' good recipe because there will be some chocolate frosting on your fingers!

More Spider Cookie Eye Ideas...Use Eyeball Candies To Decorate Your Cookies

Easy Halloween Spider Cookie Ideas
Easy Halloween Spider Cookie Ideas

The Easiest Spider Cookie Ever

Fun And Easy Halloween Cookie Ideas

These spider cookies are simple to make! They are a great edible craft project to make with your kids around Halloween time. I have dedicated an entire lens on how to make them, so just click the picture to find out more. To make your cookies look even better use lots of eyes to decorate them. Did you know that most real spiders have 8 eyes?

Make Spider Cookies With

Black Dots Candies As The Spider Body And String Licorice As The Legs

Kids Make Spider Cookies

Make Spider Cookies With

Pretzel Stick Legs, Sugar Eyeballs, And Sandwich Cookie

Where To Get Some Cool Halloween Ideas

Spider S'mores

Made with rolls, melted marshmallow and butter, graham crackers, some chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles and colored round candies for eyes.

Make A Spider Cookie With

Drops Of Icing For The Eyes, Stick Pretzels For The Legs, Oreo Cookies For The Body

Betty Crocker Spider Cookie Ideas

This video shows you how to make a Mummy cookie and a Spider cookie!

Give Your Spider Lots Of Eyes

Put Lots Of Eye Candy On Your Spider's Body To Make A Scary Halloween Cookie!

Spider Cookies With Candy Kisses And Pretzels

Make A Spider Web Cookie With Frosting

Got any great ideas to share with the rest of us? Let us know your easy Halloween cookie making and decorating ideas!

Give Us Some Great Spider Cookie Ideas - How Do You Make Spider Cookies?

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