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Megamind Costumes

Updated on January 2, 2016

Megamind Costumes Are MEGA-FUN For Halloween!

Megamind Costumes are perfect for kids who have always wanted to be an evil alien genius or the really good guy! Megamind or Metro Man costume ideas are both fun costumes to wear. Halloween is the perfect time to make this strange dream come true for those fans of the Dreamwork's animated film. If you haven't seen the movie, watch it, have some MEGA laughs and get some great ideas for a Super Villain turned Super Hero costume for this October.

The movie features Will Farrell and Brad Pitt, two of my favorite actors, as the evil Megamind and good and heroic Metro Man pitted against each other in the unending battle of evil vs good. Now that I have convinced you to see the movie, here's what both a Megamind and a Metro Man costume should look can find them on this lens or at your local costume shop. Wouldn't this be a good match for that other blue Super Villain, Mystique, from the X-Men.

The image is of the Megamind DVD from Amazon and you can buy it on this lens.
Megamind DVD

What Does A Megamind Costume Look Like?

The Megamind costumes I have in mind all have a big, giant blue head, and it's bald. The evil look on this villain's face is just creepy, with those big green eyes and that little goatee. So, how's that to describe the costume you want to wear this year, blue and creepy with a giant bald head? Why is Megamind's head so big? So it can hold his extremely large genius size brain.

Here's the DVD for you!!

Megamind And Metro Man Stuff!

What Does Megamind Wear? Take A Look At The Megamind Costume

Here's What You Will Need To Make This Costume

Megamind wears a blue and black body suit, with a stiff collared cape in matching colors of course. I think the Super Villain and Super Hero costume craze is really all about the cape! Add some long black gloves, and a pair of black boots...there's your costume. It's pretty easy to put together, but how do you recreate that head? To be honest about it, I think it's a good idea to get it from the costume store.

What Does Metro Man Look Like

He Looks Like Brad Pitt!

Hey, I can't help it if I think Metro Man costumes make everyone look like Brad Pitt! (He really looks like a cross between Brad and Elvis) This good vs evil duo has been fighting since they were kids. How long must it go on? If you choose the side of good this year for Halloween you will need the following things to dress up as Metro Man. Metro Man, like his evil nemesis, has a very specific's a corny Superhero smile that won't give in, his hair is slicked back and stiff as can be. He reminds me a little bit of Elvis on a Vegas stage. Viva Metro Man! You remember "The King's" white jumpsuit, don't you? Well that's what the Metro Man costume reminds me of. Of course, Metro Man isn't bejeweled like Elvis was, but you get the picture. Another thing Metro Man's costume has is a big "M" on the chest. White gloves and boots will complete the heroic look of your Metro Man costume.

Cast Of Megamind

Here's a list of the cast of Megamind - The Who's Voice Was Who's?

  • Will Ferrell the voice of Megamind
  • Brad Pitt the voice of Metro Man
  • Tina Fey the voice of Roxanne Ritchie
  • Jonah Hill the voice of Hal Stewart / Titan
  • David Cross the voice of Minion
  • Ben Stiller the voice of Bernard
  • Justin Theroux the voice of Megamind's Father
  • Jessica Schulte the voice of Megamind's Mother

Megamind Trailer - How It All Began

Official Megamind And Metro Man Halloween Costumes

MEGA Trick Or Treat With These Fun Costume Ideas

The good news is you can buy the Official Megamind Halloween Costumes for Megamind and Metro Man. Kids and adults can dress up and play Super Villain vs Super Hero and watch the film, cause there's a twist in the plot of this one. It's fun to watch and even more fun to dress up as the character's from this animated film.

Megamind Button Of Doom Video Preview - Who's Wearing That White Super Hero Suit?

Quotes From Megamind

Do you have a favorite quote from megamind? Here are some of mine...

  1. Megamind: Here's my day so far: went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good. Still, things could be a lot worse. Oh, that's right... I'm falling to my death. Guess they can't. How did it all come to this? Well, my end starts at the beginning... The very beginning!
  2. Megamind: I'm so tired of running rampant through the streets.
  3. Citizen in Crowd: I love you Metro Man!

    Metro Man: And I love you Random Citizen.

  4. Megamind: Ok, there's no way she'll find the secret entrance.

    Roxanne: Ah! There's a doormat here that says 'secret entrance'.

  5. Megamind: "Oh, my giant blue head! "
  6. Roxanne Ritchi: Your plans never work, you're SOOO predictable!

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