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Top Racing Toys for Little Kids!

Updated on November 3, 2014

Toy Cars with a NASCAR Theme:

If your child loves NASCAR, it is never to early to begin their collection of racing memorabilia with toy cars. When they get older, they can sell their collection on eBay. Who knows, it could pay for a college education or a new car.

Some of the NASCAR toys you will find on this page commemorate Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He might not be the best or most talented driver on the circuit, but he is one of the most loved. Parents will also find a few other suggestions for racing toys and crafts that any young race fan might find desirable.

Image used under Creative Commons 2.0 from futureshape

NOTE: this page was created a while ago and is not updated on a regular basis. You are welcome to continue reading to find some ideas for NASCAR gifts for the fans in your family.

Hot Wheels Team Total Control Racing Stunt Park - A Team Hot Wheels Hot Toy

This Racing Stunt Park made this "Hot Toys for 2012" list.

Hot Wheels Team Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Stunt Park
Hot Wheels Team Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Stunt Park

Children who love racing can put more than one Hot Wheels race car on the track to created their own competition.


Parents Poll: What is your favorite form of automobile racing? - NASCAR is included in this list, by the way.

Pierre Marchal racing his McKenzie-modified Bentley Speed Six at Gransden Lodge, England, 1947
Pierre Marchal racing his McKenzie-modified Bentley Speed Six at Gransden Lodge, England, 1947

My husband loves Formula One racing. However, he watches tons of races and has viewed Indy, IMSA, NASCAR and several others. I have been to several IMSA races and one Rolex Series Race (McDreamy was there!) , SCCA races and a NASA event.

What form of racing do you enjoy? TV or in person? Tivo or DVR? Appropriate comments welcomed.

Make sure you sign my guestbook further down the page.

Image of a Bentley By Daymark (Own work) CC-BY-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What is your favorite racing organization?

See results

NASCAR Collectible Race Car Toys - Buy NASCAR memorabilia on eBay

Start a hobby or just find a great gift for the young NASCAR fan in your home. There are always deals on eBay.

Race Cars can become a passion.

Should you encourage your child to be a NASCAR Racing Fan? - If they choose just one.....

Is NASCAR racing something your child is interested in? Do you think it is a worthwhile interest? Be sure to check out the tips for taking your child to a NASCAR Race on this page.

Should NASCAR Drivers be put on a "pedestal"?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Action Figure on eBay: - Racing Collectibles

Toys can be a child's way to learn about the world. Just think about it--when your child is playing with a Dale Jr. action figure, you can begin a discussion about racing--where not to race (the public streets); being a good sport (shake the hand of the winner even if you do not like him, not bad-mouthing another driver, etc...); not being a bully (no bumping or forcing drivers off the road).

Dale, Jr does try to set a good example for others. I have never seen him be impolite on camera. His team also supports many charities.

Racing Themed Gifts for Children: - Find your Car Toy here:

If you need a few suggestions for terrific car toys or crafts with a racing theme, browse the list below. There are links under the products to online toy stores that you are free to visit. All links will open a new tab. I hope you find a car toy that your child will love.

The product images are from the online stores. I am an affiliate for each and earn a small commission from them.

If you are a NASCAR fan, do you tend to buy racing toys for your children? Do you encourage them to like your favorite race car driver? Do you think that children should not be exposed to competitive auto racing? Finally, would you play with your child's NASCAR toys?

I know, there are lots of questions to answer but you do not have reply to any of my queries. Racing Fans feel free just to say hello.

Will there be any NASCAR Toys on your gift list? - NASCAR fans are welcome to leave a comment.

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