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Novelty Christmas Lights

Updated on August 24, 2015

Unique Christmas Lights

What fun having novelty Christmas lights are, which could mean unique lights like rope lights, or the shapes surrounding the light bulb like stars, bells and cartoon characters, among others.

We have a bunch of these at home, and our Christmas light decorations would be near the same feel without them. We have bubble lights, cartoon characters lights on a small tree, bells, and quite a few others. You can also have novelty Christmas lights which play music and basically blink to the tunes. Children visiting our home like these ones the best of all our Christmas lights.

My favorite novelty Christmas lights are those with cartoon characters, which have lights within them and are placed on a miniature Christmas tree where they can be easily seen by all.

Another of my favorite novelty Christmas lights are the miniature old time lampposts from long ago which light up fantastically in any miniature theme and scene we set up. Great fun! 

Novelty Poinsettia Christmas Lights

With this first novelty Christmas light I thought we could look at the traditional and ever-popular poinsettia, which includes 20 lights in this pack. While I usually don't include too much in the way of offering sales to people, I've had so many people contact me asking to include some of the interesting items I find, that with the novelty Christmas lights I have some you can order them if you really like them, as well as search for other designs which you don't see in this article..

After each description and photo you can click on the item below it at to get more info. Enjoy!

Poinsettia Christmas Lights

Globe String Christmas Novelty Lights

These are really great looking little Christmas lights that would look good in a large number of places in the house or on the Christmas tree. Very colorful and nice looking, with a marble type of finish.

Globe String Lights

Dragonfly Novelty Christmas Lights

Here's a nice batch of colorful dragonflies for those who really want something different in their Christmas decorations. They look fantastic and would catch the wondering eye of inquisitive children and adults.

Dragonfly Christmas Lights

Lighted Christmas Antler Hat

There's always someone in the crowd that must have a wearable Christmas novelty of some sort, and this is just up the alley of many who want to look like a lighted reindeer. I've seen hats like this before, and they're great gag gifts and generate a lot of humorous comments.

Snowflake Christmas Lights

These are wonderful looking snowflake lights that will delight everyone getting a chance to view these beautiful Christmas lights. I love how these look and how they go with almost anything else you decorate your house or tree with.

Snowflake Christmas Lights

Penguins as Christmas Lights

This set of 10 red and green penguin Christmas lights really look great and give you a good feeling just looking at them. Those hats and scarves look great on the little guys, while the colors are vibrant and show very nicely, even without the lights on, making them look great in the day or nighttime.

Penguin Christmas Lights

Dog Christmas Night Lights

I thought this group of dog night lights would be 10 of the same kind, but when I saw that they were different breeds and were of very high quality, I was really shocked and delighted. Bubble lights are among my favorites, and seeing these unique bubble lights using a dog theme was a nice surprise.

Dog Christmas Lights

Cat Christmas Bubble Night Lights

Every time I put up something about a dog, I get some friendly reminders from cat lovers that they want some representation too, and so I have a great set of cat Christmas bubble night lights from the same company, also with a variety of felines standing on top of them.

Cat Christmas Lights

Christmas Jockey and Horse Novelty Light

This jockey riding the horse with the Christmas colors was just too cool for me, and I had to include it in the batch of novelty Christmas lights. A really fun Christmas light to have and look at.

I like how the traditional red and green Christmas colors were incorporated into the design.

Fun of novelty Christmas lights

Novelty Christmas lights are always a delight for visitors and family, and finding new ones that others haven't seen are all part of the inspiration behind the hunt for them, as well as including them as part of your Christmas light display. Great fun!


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