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Orange Christmas Lights

Updated on August 20, 2015

Orange Christmas Lights Strategy

Orange Christmas lights are always part of our colored Christmas lights, and they look really nice when used alone on some of our outside trees and objects, or on our indoor Christmas décor as well.

Like other colored Christmas lights we use as standalone colors to decorate with, orange Christmas lights can be used in unison with other Christmas lights to create unique looks, as we string single-colored lights strategically placed around our yards or as part of our inside Christmas décor.

But the great thing about using lights of one color, is when you string them on individual objects or as part of your overall Christmas décor, they look even better than when you use them with a number of other colors or blend them together with multiple colored Christmas lights.

So you can look at some interesting orange Christmas lights and how they were used by others below as part of the holiday decorations to give you some ideas for your yard and home.

Orange Christmas Lights in Tree

I really like how these round orange Christmas lights look in this tree, and they would definitely fit into other holiday seasons. These light globes are always a great decoration to use, and as you can see below, work great.

You could also use these in the same manner at Halloween time.

Orange LED Christmas Lights

Here is a good closeup of how orange LED Christmas lights look, and as with all LED lights, they are very luminous. They will also last longer and use less energy for savings on your electric bills .

But the bottom line is how good they look at Christmas light decorations, and in that regard they pass the test with flying colors.

LED Orange Christmas Lights

How Orange Christmas Lights Look with Other Colors

When looking at any type of single light color, I always try to include a group of other light colors so you can get a feel for how they would blend with them in your Christmas décor.

From the colors included here, orange does work great, and I think there are many other colors they work with as well, especially purple.

Orange, Blue, and Green Christmas Lights on Home

Orange and Purple Lights on Christmas Trees

Speaking of how orange and purple Christmas lights look together, here's a great example on these Christmas trees. To me they're stunning, and one of the better combinations of Christmas light colors out there.

Orange Christmas Lights on Building

What a great display of orange Christmas lights. The more I look around at Christmas light displays involving a number of popular colors, the more I find out how many of those colors go so well with others, but also stand out strong on their own. Orange Christmas lights are no exception.

Surprised by Orange Christmas Lights

When first thinking of looking into orange Christmas lights, I thought it would be hard because of the obvious relevance of orange to Halloween. But after looking around and finding these and other great photos of orange Christmas light displays, I was very impressed with how they looked; both alone and when included with other colors.


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    • profile image

      shannon 6 years ago

      I used orange led lights on mini tree with red, green, and yellow various fake mini fruits, gold antique bells, and wooden nativity ornaments. Looks amazing