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Peacock Makeup Tips and Tutorials

Updated on June 25, 2014

Peacock Makeup

Peacock makeup can be outrageous and wickedly fun, as the vibrant colors and accompanying peacock lashes exorbitantly stand out in any situation.

Even so, there are some ladies who choose to tone it down a little, and go without the wild and crazy lashes, and stick with the colors associated with the gorgeous bird.

In this article we'll look at the more flamboyant peacock makeup choices, although you can get an idea of how regular peacock makeup looks by ignoring the crazy lashes and looking at the colors themselves.

What this means is peacock makeup can be used, when applied subtly, for some social situations, while the more outlandish applications are more appropriate for cosplay and parties.

Either way, peacock makeup is definitely something everyone should try at least once. If nothing else, it'll be a fun attempt to create a piece of art on your face, generating a new learning experience for you. It can also be a blast to practice on a friend, seeing which one of you can design the coolest look.

Peacock Makeup Colors

Peacock makeup is all about various hues of greens and blues, and sometimes a subtle touch of brown or yellow.

Of course many people like to experiment and go outside the traditional Peacock colors, retaining the style and design but adding a few hues of their own. They can work really nice, and when the design is kept intact, is still recognizable as a Peacock style.

Even when the hues and colors are changed, there is always some of the typical Peacock color kept as part of the makeup design in order to recognize it for what it is.

Peacock Makeup with Light Blue Lashes

In this first image of peacock makeup, it's a good example of very nice looking and high quality traditional peacock look, as far as the makeup itself goes.

Those long, light-blue lashes are of course a personal, customized touch that adds a little individuality to the face.

With the lipstick there is also that Queen Amidala look from Star Wars, with the bar in the middle of the lips.

Overall, it's a very cute, pretty peacock look that is somewhat mild compared to some of the following ones.


Huge Peacock Lashes

Other than a touch of green on the eyelids, there isn't much more peacock color here. What I wanted to show was the excellent picture of the peacock eyelashes, which give a clear image of what they look like. The colors are gorgeous.

Be aware they will look different when the eyes are opened and you're looking at them from a different angle.


Peacock Makeup Video Tutorial

Next we'll take a look at some video tutorials on how to apply makeup to create the peacock look.

In the first video it's more for fun with a child, although it does offer up some interesting designs that could be incorporated into a more mature design.

Another idea is it could be a mother/daughter thing, where you let her mimic you, showing off your peacock look together. That of course could also be done with a younger sister or niece.

Peacock Face Paint

Peacock MakeUp Tutorial

Peacock Halloween Makeup!

Peacock Makeup and Feather Lashes

This is great use of peacock makeup, but do you recognize the big mistake she made? She left her lips red or pinkish instead of using a color that would complement the rest of the hues. It really clashes with the overall look, negating an otherwise great design.

Having said that, the rest of the peacock design is awesome, and those feather lashes really work great with the makeup.


Peacock Makeup Around Eye and Cheek

Here is a smilar look to the one above, with the exception of the choice to start with a dark blue and work out to the green.

There is also some glitter here, and the interesting addition of gold between the blue and green colors.


Peacock Feathers in Hair

Below is a beautiful peacock look that is determined by the pretty feathers in her hair, which allows for the otherwise unrelated blue around the eyes to make sense.

In this case the subtle lipstick shade works with the rest because of it being toned down, but also because it blends with the color of the fabric of her top. Great job.


Peacock Feather Collar

Now we change gears from the top of the head going down to the neck going up. What a totally different image portrayed from peacock feathers on the head to peacock feathers on the neck.

What's great about including peacock feather accessories is it gives you a much wider range of makeup choices, allowing you to use more color without confusing the theme you've chosen.

That's confirmed below with the strong green in the hair and with the feathers, which blend in with the green in the feathers around the neck and the touch of green in the lipstick.

It doesn't take away from the colors of the peacock feather portrayed above her eyes. Pretty much out there, but cool.


Extremely Long Peacock Lashes

In this wild peacock look we have the longest eyelashes we've seen in the genre; dominating the overall features.

But there are other interesting elements here, including the two blue color shades in her hair, the blue eye liner, and the different shades of lipstick, including the blue theme.

The pale foundation also adds another dimension to this very compelling design, helping the colors to be highlighted nicely. It's very cool how the color of the hair, eyes, feathers and lips combine to blend together to create the amazing look.


Peacock Makeup

After looking through all the photos, you can see why peacock makeup is so fun to try. The feather accessories really add to the enjoyment, allowing for all sorts of designs and creations based upon the beautifully feathered bird.

As mentioned earlier, the inclusion of peacock feathers allows for many more choices and options, as they define the peacock theme, which then empowers you to use a wider selection of hues to implement as part of your peacock look. That's what makes it such an awesome experience.


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