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Personalize and Print Your Own Valentines

Updated on September 19, 2014
Image License: Public Domain Commercial Use --
Image License: Public Domain Commercial Use -- | Source

Personalize and Print Your Own Valentines

The best part of growing up is the memories when we get together with the family and make amazing things together. Crafting is one of the ways we can create that kind of memory. I love the times my children and I have sat at the table and created crafts, colored, or read together. The opportunities are abundant during those times. We often don't realize how much a special project together can impact our development of the essential aspects of life. We make a valentine, cheer a friend, and have a great experience. Later we realize we learned communication, love, compassion, and many other things which we can only learn as a byproduct of something as simple as sitting together with a coloring book and a few encouraging words.

Oh... The project! Enjoy!

This page will show you how you can easily Print out Valentine Cards and personalize them. Each year when the school sends out a note saying the kids are going to exchange Valentines many children sit at home and make their own cards. You can make them easily and have fun with this card making craft for kids.

Find resources for your card making here. All you need is an internet connection, a printer, and some crayons (or other art supplies). If you want to add another treat you can easily add a toy or candy to the card (but be aware some children may have allergies so unless you have a list of each child's limitations concerning food you might want to add a small toy rather than a edible item.

Create Card Designs From Public Domain Images

Image License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial use
Image License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial use | Source

GIMP Valentine Instructions

When you would like to create a unique Valentines Day card all you need is a computer, internet connection, some card stock, and a printer.

The easiest approach is to start with a template. Avery has several of them here.

  • Find the image you would like to use at IMPORTANT: There are images on the site which are not Public Domain. Be sure to check each image page for the following statement before you download and use it.

License: CC0 Public Domain / FAQ Free for commercial use / No attribution required

  • Save the image to your computer.
  • Follow the cardstock instructions to create a new GIMP image file the size recommended on your card stock or Avery template.
  • Open the image with GIMP
  • Add your text. You can add text to the front and on the inside of the card. NOTE: The image is on the front, the inside text is on different sides of the paper so you will need to use a template for detailed instructions.
  • Put the card stock into the printer (follow the cardstock instructions)
  • Print the card (one side at a time)

Let the card dry completely before you fold it.

Add a handwritten personalization.

12 Valentine "I Love You" Magnet Craft Kits
12 Valentine "I Love You" Magnet Craft Kits

Making A Valentine is one of the best memories I had growing up and well into my adult years as I shared ways to make them with my children.

When time is a premium, but, you still would like to 'make' something together, a kit is a great jumpstart to get you going.

This is a 12 Valentine "I Love You" Magnet Craft Kitsclick Valentine Craft Kit.


Coffee Filter Valentines - Most Popular Personalized and Printed Valentines

Make your own Valentines using online Valentine clip art, free downloads, free templates and more. Or you can buy materials to get a fast start and still have the joy of making a craft project with your kids. All you really need for a fun craft project with kids for Valentines is a few art supplies and some paper. You can use any card stock or get creative and use other papers.

One year we made Valentines with coffee filters by coloring on the coffee filters and then crumbling them up to look like flowers.

This was a group of imaginative 5-8 year old kids and this craft project was so much fun! The main thing when doing crafts with young children is to let them do what ever they want! Give them some tools but don't give them a list of 'how to' at this age. There is time for adding that later in life. The imagination is far more important than the how to list. Except of course that little 'how to not eat this or how to keep this out of your nose" part of the instruction.

Most Important Thing...

Crafts for Kids

Let them have fun!

These memories will last a lifetime

Dinosaur Valentine's Day Cards
Dinosaur Valentine's Day Cards

Ready to finish Valentine cards make the process easy. Have plenty of supplies handy (pencils, crayons, and other fun craft supplies) so everyone can embellish the cards a bit to get into the creative process and have fun!


Valentines for Boys - The most popular Valentine's kits for Boys

The boys in our family have been fascinated with dinosaurs since they were little up until about the age of 14. When you are looking for dinosaur themes for kids think about their age and the design.

Some designs are for younger children, while others have a good mature look to them. The most avid fans of dinosaur themes are still enthused when they are adults!

Yes... a few of the girls in our family love these as well.

Limited Time Auctions Print Your Own Valentines

Every now and then eBay has great items on sale. I've included this section so we can find the most recent Valentine themed craft kits.

There are times when the search isn't accurate (search terms get misdefined or something)... so check each item and forgive me if there is something on this list that has nothing to do with craft kits for Valentine making projects.

Avery is My Favorite Template Company

This is Another Favorite of mine.

Personalize and Print Your Own Valentines

Presented By Avery.

The best part about the products and services is free templates and reasonably priced paper stock.

the list of what you can do starting with a template is pretty much endless.

Just about anything printed (paper or fabric as well) can be created. Check out the template library while you are there to get your Valentines Day Card free downloadable ideas, design, and template idea.

AVERY Free & Downloadable printables

When you are looking for a fast way to make a Valentine you may want to check out the huge supply of FREE downloadable templates from Avery

A wide variety to free Valentines Crafts for kids to make their own cards. You will need a printer (and perhaps some of the Avery products if you want them to be ready to fold -- see below). Be sure to check each template for instructions on which product you will need to buy if you want to buy the Avery brand supplies.

Avery Printables allow you to make your cards on your computer (or draw the designs and scan them) then you will position them on the template and print them out. The card is ready to fold and put in the envelope.

If you have ever made your own valentines or are going to have a craft project to make them with your children (or in classroom or neighborhood settings) we would love to hear about it. Drop a note below.

© 2012 Deb Bryan

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  • profile image

    infoprogirl 5 years ago

    I haven't made a Valentine' s Day card since I was a lot younger. Maybe it's time I got back into it. Very fun craft!

  • eilval profile image

    Eileen 6 years ago from Western Cape , South Africa

    Love this lens , thanks for sharing

  • Gayle Mclaughlin profile image

    Gayle 6 years ago from McLaughlin

    I made valentines with my children--but not since they were little.

  • GypsyOwl profile image

    Deb Bryan 6 years ago from Chico California

    @ZenandChic: Hi Patricia, Have you crafted your valentines? I may have not written the question clearly. But, again, I may have not read your answer correctly.

    In a world of electronics it is rare to see a hand written card at all

    But my meaning was to find out how many people sit down with paper and supplies to craft their own cards.

    Valentines cards are fun to make!

  • ZenandChic profile image

    Patricia 6 years ago

    I'm sure I have made a written card before.