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Pilgrim Costume - Historical Pilgrim Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Historical Pilgrims Costumes

Here's a great selection of historical pilgrims costumes for kids, adults and dogs. If you want to bring a bit of history to any party or event, these pilgrims costumes are a great choice. Anyone can wear these costumes, it's a simple but effective look that works for different celebrations.

This is an excellent costume choice for all the family, including dogs! You don't have to limit this theme to Thanksgving, it can be used for any party occasion. It's an easy costume choice to wear.

See below for the range of Pilgrims costumes available, there's lots of different sizes to choose from at affordable prices. If you want a historical costume, this is a great theme to go for.

Kids Pilgrims Costumes

No matter what the reason for dressing up, these Pilgrims costumes for kids are a great way to introduce them to American history, they make learning fun!

The first and third listings have a choice of sizes on the product pages, so there's a Pilgrims costume for all ages.

This is a great costume choice for kids and a subtle way of learning history. If you want a cute costume for any party, though especially Thanksgiving, this is a lovely choice for both boys and girls.

If you have more than one child, a really cute look would be to team a Pilgrims costume with that of a Native American costume, a perfect peaceful pairing to teach about the history of Thanksgiving. So adorable.

Adult Pilgrims Costumes

These are great costumes for any party, easy to wear and sure to get you noticed!

Different sizes are available on the product pages, so there's a Pilgrims costume for all. Anyone can carry this fancy dress look off, no matter what your age, it's a simple but noticable costume that is extremely popular.

Typically a Thanksgiving associated costume, you can wear this for any fancy dress party year round, it doesn't have to be limited to just that holiday. This is a great historical costume choice that works for any party.

This is also a great costume choice for couples, and with the excellent Pilgrims costumes for kids you could party as a family, all in the same theme!

See below for the pilgrims costumes for the non human family members!

Pilgrims Costumes For Dogs

2 choices here, a cute Pilgrim girl costume and a cute Pilgrim boy costume for dogs. There's lots of different sizes available, so there's a costume to fit any breed.

The Pilgrim girl dog costume comes in sizes from 0 - 5.

The Pilgrim boy dog costume comes in sizes from 0 - 6.

Go through to the product pages for the other sizes.

If you aren't sure which size to go for, you need to measure your dog, you would ideally know their weight range too.

See below for the exact sizing charts for these costumes and the measurements you need to take.

These are adorable dog costumes for any breed.

Size Chart For Boy Dog Costume

Size Chart For Girl Dog Costume


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