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Turkey Costume - Fun Turkey Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 25, 2011

A Turkey Costume Is A Great Choice

Here's a great selection of turkey costumes that will have you looking good enough to eat! These are really fun, easy to wear, comfortable costumes that will have you at the center of attention at any party! There are turkey costumes for kids, adults and even dogs, so there's fun to be had for all the family.

See below for the range of turkey costumes to choose from, this is a great costume choice, a fun, cute look that will make you instantly noticable! If you want to go for something fun but a little less fully fancy dressed, there's also some really cool turkey hats to choose from, including a raw looking one that is sure to get the laughs flowing!

Turkey Costume For Kids

These are really cute costumes that will have your little one at the center stage of any party.

Easy to wear, lightweight and comfortable, choosing a turkey costume is a fun choice and kids will simply love dressing up in these.

If you don't want to go for a full on turkey costume, you can go for one of the fun turkey hats that are listed and are equally as cute.

If you want your child to stand out at any party a turkey costume is a great choice.

Add a few gobble, gobbles here and there and the cute factor just went up to 11! A great costume choice for a child.

Turkey Costume For Adults

If you want to give other party goers the giggles, a turkey costume a great place to start!

These are really fun, humorous costumes that are easy to wear and provide a great excuse for making gobbling noises much to the amusement of others.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, a turkey costume is a great choice, and though no doubt you will look silly, you'll probably amuse yourself as well as everyone else!

Those times when you do get the excuse to use fancy dress, it's worth going the whole hog, or bird in this case! It isn't everyday that you get to wear a turkey costume, so make the most of it, go gobble mad and strut your funky turkey self on the dancefloor!

If you don't fancy a full turkey costume, you can opt for a fun turkey hat instead. If you really want to get the laughs, go for the raw turkey hat, it's impossible not to find it funny.

Also listed is an inflatable turkey. It's just a fact that everyday items in inflatable form are funny. Think of the party games you could devise with an inflatable turkey?! Fun to be had by all!

It doesn't stop there, see below for a turkey costume for dogs of any size!

Turkey Costume For Dogs

There's currently only one turkey costume for dogs over at Amazon, and here it is!

The great thing about this costume is that not only does it look pretty darn cool, but it comes in all sizes as you can see to the right. No matter what size the dog, there's a turkey costume to fit!

As you can see, there are 6 different sizes so you can check which size you need by size and weight to ensure the perfect fit! Doggy's going to look turkeylicious in no time at all!

This is a great dog costume that is sure to get your pooch noticed. There's a snap front so it's easy to put on and take off and it's foam filled so will be comfortable for your dog to wear.

The flared tail, side wings and accompanying hood with beak makes this an elabroate turkey costume for any dog.


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