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New Years Resolution Ideas for Couples

Updated on August 8, 2014

New Years Resolutions for Couples

 "Little kindness and courtesies are so important. In relationships, the little things are the big things."   -Stephen R. Covey


Whether you have been dating someone for a year or if you’ve been married to him for twenty years, a good relationship always takes some work. The two of you may get along just wonderfully, or maybe your relationship needs a whole lot of help, but these are some resolutions that every couple should consider making. Look through these lists of new years resolutions with your partner and talk about which aspects of your relationship need some more work.




Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Couples

Ten great resolution ideas

#1 - We each resolve to pay more attention to the other’s needs.


Listen to each other and watch for non-verbal clues that the other person is unhappy. Oftentimes, we expect our partners to just know what we want and don’t think to speak up. Pay closer attention for hints that something isn’t right.


#2 - We resolve to communicate more.


As previously stated, we tend to keep quiet when something is displeasing. Rather than letting the trash pile up for weeks, try asking your partner to take it out. He likely won’t get the hint if you don’t say anything and he will probably start to wonder why you are letting it pile up.


#3 - We resolve to bring the romance back.


After a while, it is easy to let romance slide out the door. Romance isn’t all roses and fancy store-bought cards, however. Take a walk on a starlit night or slip a love note in her lunch. It doesn’t cost anything, but it’s a romantic gesture that she will appreciate.


#4 - We resolve to get out more.


It is all too easy to slip into the routine of coming home from work, cooking dinner, looking after the kids, and going to bed. Once a month, plan a date night. For example, set the last Saturday night of each month aside, hire a baby-sitter, and go out either alone or with friends.


#5 - We resolve to spend some time apart.


Everyone needs some alone time. Take turns going out alone or with friends, or even go out separately on the same night. Just make sure you each get your share of ‘me’ time.


#6 - We resolve to balance friend time with relationship time.


Being a good friend means making time for them, whether you go out alone or if you and your hubby spend time with joint friends. It is unhealthy to neglect a friendship to spend all of your time with a partner.


#7 - We resolve to work out together.


Working out together equals a healthy body plus a healthy relationship. You don’t have to go out and buy a gym membership, although that works, too. Even if you spend some time together running each morning or playing softball with the kids, you will both feel better about yourselves.


#8 - We resolve to take turns with the chores.


And we might even work on them together. Cooking is one such activity that can be done as a group effort. If you are stuck with all the household chores, you may be left feeling frustrated and alone.


#9 - We resolve to reflect on the past together.


One evening, sit down and talk about past endeavors. Consider what has gone well and what hasn’t worked out so great. Then come up with a list of things you can change to make your relationship happier. But be sure that you don’t try to fix anything that isn’t broken!


#10 - We resolve to start a new tradition.


A tradition can be anything that is just between the two of you. Kind of like an inside secret – although you may or may not decide to let anyone else in on the secret. It doesn’t have to be anything big. In fact, your tradition could be just to make sure you don’t ever go to bed angry or without saying “I love you”.

Other resolutions to consider

  • Try new things together
  • Quit a bad habit together
  • Make new friends
  • Say nice things more often
  • Start eating healthier meals

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

— Mother Teresa

Guestbook - What are your new years resolutions?

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    • profile image

      Success4ever365 8 years ago

      After some research I found out that more than 75% of people who set New Year's resolutions will break them within 3 months and almost one-third will break them by the end of January? Whether your goal is to stop smoking, lose weight, get in shape, break bad habits, pay off debt, or find true love; most people end up being another statistic.

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    • Ramkitten2000 profile image

      Deb Kingsbury 8 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

      This is a great list! My husband and I honestly do most of these on a pretty much ongoing basis, but it's the "working out together" thing that we don't stick to very well. We DO hike and walk together, so that's something, but our schedules and the other types of things we like to do for exercise (me, Jazzercise; him, biking) don't jive very often. But that's okay--we have the other 9 down pretty well and hiking together now and then is part of the 10th, so I'm happy! Anyhow, nice job on this lens.