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Scary Clown Faces And Make up Ideas

Updated on February 1, 2016

Scary Clown Faces And Scary Make Up Ideas

If you want a freaky Halloween costume look at these Scary Clown Faces And Make Up Ideas. Clowns can be cute and funny or they can be quite grotesque. perfect for a horror Halloween costume theme. If you've been looking for a freaky look to dress up in on Halloween, this is the page for you. Find some great ideas for some really horrible looks using make up and some clown costume effects.

Clown costumes don't start out scary, you've got to add a scary effect to them. Here is how you can create a horrific costume for Halloween using a cute outfit and some very scary make up ideas.

I found 10 Great Scary Clown Faces and lucky for us, they are all connected with a make up video. That means you can pick the horror clown face you like best and then watch - step by step- how that make up is applied.

There are many ways to tell you what these clown faces look like. Here are the words used to describe these clown make up videos:

  • Evil
  • Killer Clown
  • Fiendish
  • Creepy
  • Zombie Clown
  • Diabolical
  • Frightening
  • Evil Is Used A Lot

Clown Costumes For Your Scary Clown Make Up Ideas

Here's the outfit, now it's up to you to re-create one of these very evil scary clown faces! Halloween makeup is the way to do it, so I've put some of the most popular kits here for you to see.

Halloween Make Up Tips

Here Are Some Smart Make Up Tips You Should Pay Attention To

There are some tips you should pay attention to when you are applying Halloween make up, whether it's for a scary face or a not.

This Mehron clown makeup kit comes with step by step instructions so you can create the best clown look for your costume. There is a clown color palette with 5 colors, there is colorset powder, a liner pencil, a big red clown nose, plush brushes and a foam makeup wedge. The Mehron also comes with makeup remover. This is a complete clown makeup kit and you can create an evil killer clown face easily with this.

Other kits to create a scary clown face include the following sets.

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Help

Here are some great blood gel. It dries very quickly and the blood will look like it's wet and dripping.

Here's a full clown face make up prosthetic

Here are some nasty scary clown teeth to give you that very evil look.

Scary Clown Make Up Video 1

The is the make up tutorial I think is about the scariest of all the scary clown faces and the music is absolutely creepy as can be!

Scary Clown Make Up Video 2

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Video 3

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Video 4

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Video 5

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Video 6

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Video 7

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Video 8

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Video 9

Scary Clown Faces Make Up Video 10

Scary Clown Wigs

Talk about a bad hair day! These clown wigs are really bad, but they will look great when you pair them with these scary clown faces!

Scary Clown Shoes

Clowns always seem to have big, funny feet, so here are some shoes made just for a clown costume. The ladies clown shoes aren't scary at all, I just really like them and wanted all you ladies out there to see them.

Scary clown faces stay in your mind and sometimes, depending on just how scary they were, they haunt you. You see them over and over again. Has that ever happened to you? Tell us about it!

What's The Scariest Clown Face You Have Ever Seen?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Calling all Umi moms! Your little ones will love these uzmmooii videos and you'll love the price! They are made just to watch on your PC so don't plan on burning them to a DVD or anything. (they have great dvd's if you want to buy those separately). We bought this episode when we were in a bedtime crunch and my little one was restless. She was asleep mid way through the 2nd time around. She has learned so much from Team Umizoomi. They are very educational and I have to admit I actually enjoy them too MIGHTY MATH POWER!!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Ha ha ha! The picture of your fnried dressed as Superman holding the girl dressed as Supergirl is an instant classic. You guys are definitely comics geeks of the highest order. I bow to you.


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