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Simple Gift Ideas for Christmas and All Year Long

Updated on January 28, 2012
"What should I give them this Christmas? Hmm..."
"What should I give them this Christmas? Hmm..." | Source

It’s Christmas four days from now. You can see and feel the holiday rush almost anywhere. Everyone is pretty much preoccupied with shopping, checking out great buys, and wrapping up their bought items. And there you are sitting in front of your desk helpless and clueless while thinking, “How in the world will I be able to send my folks the Christmas treats they deserve?”

There are several reasons why people tend to panic during the Christmas rush, especially in terms of items to be bought or included in gift-giving. Some of the most common causes of having failed to collate everything before Christmas are:

  1. Financial constraints;
  2. Limited prep time; and/or
  3. Simply just don’t know what to give.

Well my dearies, I have been there and done that. The least that I can do is to impart with you some simple ideas I have come up with, whenever I am faced with such dilemma, for you to consider or to take advantage of.

Generally, gifts (no matter what occasion there is) should be fun, useful, valued, and memorable. It’s nice to buy presents that are flashy, expensive, or luxurious given the financial capabilities to purchase them. However, when you are intertwined with one or all of the three common limitations mentioned above, it could be pretty hard and complicated. So before giving up, you might want to check these out and think them over:

No Money? Be Creative.

What people do not realize is that they could make gifts all by themselves! Try checking out some stuff in your garage or room. You may have some old boxes, scraps of various types of cloth, old magazines, or whatever that is colourful and artsy. You could make valuable items depending on how you’d like them to become. Using and re-using old stuff, say for example old magazines, cardboard, and art papers, could just turn out to be the coolest and the most perfect personalized Christmas greeting cards your family and friends would ever receive! You can even make cute scrapbooks or adorable bookmarks out of them. Decorate your old boxes with colourful cloths or magazine cut outs and you could save yourself from spending on customized gift boxes or tote bags. Not to mention, these practices are even ecological and ECONOMICAL since you are re-using and recycling resources you already have instead of throwing them out in the trash. I found some fun and simple crafts perfect for Christmas and any other occasions at that you might want to consider. Try surfing with google as well and explore other creative possibilities!

Think before dumping them to your trash cans. You might still use them.
Think before dumping them to your trash cans. You might still use them. | Source

Busy? Don't Fret.

For some who are so much preoccupied with work, especially those who are still working the holidays, sitting down to make or create gifts would seem far-fetched. Given the tight schedule you work around with, you might just not afford such luxury of time. However, do not let your hectic schedule prevent you from sharing the gift-giving spirit of Christmas. You can do some shopping during your day-off from work or during the weekends. If this is not possible, I am pretty sure it won’t be too much to ask a close relative (a spouse or elder child) to do the purchases for you. All you have to do is come up with a list of items you’d want to be bought in your behalf.

Clueless? Contemplate.

If by any chance you are still searching for answers to address your gift item concerns, it is now time for you to sit down, think, and contemplate. Some people tend to become overwhelmed when planning to give Christmas presents to a number of people. One sure shot on this is to know what characteristics the recipient has. Say for instance if a friend is in to gardening, maybe you could buy him some seeds or give him some seedlings he could start with. If a relative is so much interested with cooking, he would surely love to receive kitchen stuff like utensils or cookbooks for Christmas.

Still confused with what to give? Why not try to categorize? Maybe you could work your way if you make a separate list of your buddies from your family members. Also, you may provide an organized roster of your friends or relatives who have the same interests and start working from there. Doing these would enable you to evaluate what could be the best possible gift item suited for each person because their names are clustered and organized by way of collective similarities. Say for example, I was kind of problematic what to give my musician friends last year for the Yuletide Season. All of them are guys though they possess different musical inclinations. Some were guitarist, a few of them were singers, and the rest were drummers. I tried figuring out simple categories so I would know how to approach such problem. When I went to the local store, I decided to buy each guitarist pal unique and affordable guitar belts and stickers; then I bought some accessories (or bling) for my singer friends depending on what genre they belong to (Wrist bands for the rocker dudes were a sure hit!). As for my drummer buddies, I put on a scanned photo of their own bravo performances on greeting cards I made for each of them.

If you are not the artsy type of person but knows a thing or two in the kitchen, you may cook or bake goodies and treats which you can give as your actual present. And yes, that is very possible. Your family and friends would definitely be thrilled to succumb to some gastronomic exploration with your foodie items! Why not try cooking some specialty meals or baking some pies, cakes, or cookies?

Adobo (a Filipino dish) for everyone!
Adobo (a Filipino dish) for everyone! | Source
Cookies for Christmas gifts? Awesome!
Cookies for Christmas gifts? Awesome! | Source

Keep it Simple and Meaningful.

We tend to over-do the exchange of Christmas gifts. Giving Christmas presents will never be the sole parameter to make your family and friends happy. The upcoming Holiday is not just about gifts. It’s about thoughtfulness and sharing. You might even get surprised how your simple hug, kiss, or presence would be able to suffice.

Wishing everyone a fun and MEANINGFUL Christmas!


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