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Skunk Costumes - Cute Skunk Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Skunk Costumes Are Cool!

Here's a real fun selection of cute skunk costumes for kids, adults and dogs. Skunk Costumes are cool but funny all at the same time. Skunks are funny animals, the simple fact that they have a defensive weapon by their butts is reason enough to choose this costume theme!

These are stand out costumes that will have you at the center of attention of any party! There are options for kids, men and women, so these costumes are perfect for couples, families or groups of friends.

See below for a really cool selection of skunk costumes to choose from, these are stand out costumes that are sure to get you noticed at any party! Spraying yourself with the most disgusting perfume or aftershave you can find is optional!

Skunk Costumes For Kids

These are super cute costumes for kids that deserve an awwwwwww!

Has your child seen Furry Vengeance? If they have then this costume is going to be a downright favorite. The skunks are by far the best part of that movie, they spray and they spray and they spray. If you have a silly sense of humor you will chuckle at those scenes no matter what your age.

Skunk costumes are humorous but cute at the same time. These costumes come in romper / jumpsuit form, so are easy to wear and comfortable, these skunk costumes will have your little one party ready in minutes!

If you don't see the correct size in the design that you want, go through to the product pages where there are more sizing options.

Skunk Costumes For Adults

Do you know who Pepe Le Pew is? You may have seen him on an AT&T advert a while back, but that wasn't the real Pepe. Pepe Le Pew has been around for decades, he's a firm Looney Tunes favorite and a bit of a love pest to boot. Plus he's a skunk.

These skunk costumes are hilarious if you're a fan of Pepe Le Pew. You see Pepe was an utter pest. He harassed a black cat called Penelope episode after episode, due to the unfortunate fact that somehow, often due to wet paint, Penelope would end up with a white stripe down her back making her look like a skunk.

See below for a fun Pepe Le Pew video.

Even if you aren't a fan of Pepe's, these skunk costumes are cool. The women's version is just downright sexy, Pepe's loins would be quivering at the sight!

The male and female costumes combined make an excellent couples costume for any party. There's a lot of fun to be had with these!

Skunk Costumes For Dogs

Here's a cute costume for dogs that comes as a bodysuit with hood and velcro fastening.

This doggy skunk costume comes in 4 sizes.

X-Small: Length 8", Neck 10" - 12" and Chest fits 13" - 18"

Small: Length 8" - 12", Neck 12" - 14", Chest 18" - 22"

Large: Length 16" - 20", Neck:16" - 20", Chest:16" - 20"

X-Large: Length 20" - 24", Neck 20" - 26" and Chest 32" - 38"

This is a goregous dog costume that will have people looking twice!


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