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Tween Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Updated on July 23, 2013

Planning a Tween Birthday Party

Tween birthday parties can be difficult to plan. Here you will find some of the best tween birthday party ideas for girls. A young girl between the ages of 10 and 12 isn't quite a teen yet but she's definitely not a little girl. She needs a memorable birthday party that will impress her friends and show off her independence.

Are you searching for tween birthday party ideas for you own birthday party? I've done my best to choose some cool and unique ideas that I think you will enjoy but be sure to drop a line in the guestbook. I would love to hear your ideas.

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Makeup Birthday Party

A Tween Birthday Party for the Diva Princess

She may have outgrown wearing tutus and tiaras but some girls never outgrow being a diva. A makeup tween birthday party is perfect for girls that are just starting to wear makeup. You may not be comfortable with your daughter wearing eyeliner and mascara but now is the perfect opportunity to show her how to wear makeup to show off her natural beauty. She probably has friends that are already starting to wear eye shadow and lip-gloss.

You can also try out my Virtual Makeover to try out new haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors without leaving your home or spending any money. Your girls can try out outrageous hairstyles that mom would never let them have.

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The Perfect Birthday Gift for a Tween Girl Starting to Wear Makeup

A small makeup kit is great for a tween that is starting to experiment with makeup. She may not know what colors compliment her eyes or the perfect blush to extenuate her cheek bones. A makeup kit with 35 eye shadows, 4 lip glosses and 4 blushes gives her a nice variety to choose from.

SHANY Glamour Girl Makeup Kit - 48 Eyeshadow/4 Blush/6 Lip Glosses
SHANY Glamour Girl Makeup Kit - 48 Eyeshadow/4 Blush/6 Lip Glosses

A makeup kit is the perfect gift for a tween having a makeup party. You can give the girls makeup tips and let them practicing giving each other makeovers.


A Birthday Party That Gives

Tween Birthday Party Ideas for Charity

Unique Tween Birthday Party Ideas

It is so important to raise our young people to give back to the community. Why not make your birthday celebration about helping others that are less fortunate? Tweens are old enough to understand that we live in an imperfect world. Select a charity such as the ASPCA or local humane society. Your guest can bring gift that will be donated to your charity of choice.

You can decorate your party with items centered around your charity.

The human society is a great option because you can decorate your party with cute puppy and kitty decorations and it's easy for guest to bring a bag of dog food or pet treats.

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Gothic Birthday Party

Crazy and Wild Tween Birthday Party Costume - Gothic Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Your parents have probably started getting on your case about not listening and acting like a teenager. Want to have a little fun for your birthday party? Dress up like a rebellious teen. Dye your hair using temporary paint, give out fake tattoos, play loud music and let out your inner rebel.

Sorry mom and dad if you don't like this tween party idea, maybe you can agree on a Gothic tween party instead.

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Paris Birthday Party

Pink Poodle in Paris Cake ToppersCHECK PRICE

Have you always wanted to visit Paris, were you born in a different country, or maybe you have dreams of living in Italy after you graduate college. Celebrate your birthday with a foreign country themed party.

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Colors, Patterns and Animal Prints

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Tween Birthday Party

You don’t have to choose a theme for your birthday party. You can make colors or patterns the focal point of your tween birthday party or focus on the number.

Serve twelve different finger foods

Make a number twelve cake

Decorate with twelve different colors.

Here are a few amazing color schemes that you might like for your birthday party.

Animal Print Birthday Party Ideas For Preteens

Animal prints make a fun and funky party theme for preteens. You can mix up different animal prints or pair one animal print with a bold splash of color.

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80's Birthday Party Ideas

Bring Back the 80's

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Everything You Need for a 80's Party Table

A makeup up party is a lot of fun and perfect for a tween that is only expecting girls at her party. You will have to be a little more creative if you plan to entertain both boys and girls. An 80's theme party can provide fun and entertainment for both boys and girls.

Your guest can dress up like 80's hair bands, wear neon clothes and rock out to 80's music.

Not too thrilled of the 80's? You could also make a 60's or 70's theme birthday party.

Glow in the Dark Birthday Party

Glow in the Dark Birthday Party for Girls that are Almost Teens

A glow in the dark party is great for an indoor or an outdoor party. Give out chem lights as a party favor, turn on some techno music and get the party started.

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