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What's in the Dad bag!

Updated on May 21, 2015

That would depend on the type you have!

Since I was little, my dad as far as I remember always went fishing or hunting. Oh yeah and if he had to put one of my toys together he'd do that. My mother actually told me one year (I forget which, but I didn't get anything that hewould have to help me with put together or anything like that.) She told me that he was like "There's nothing to put together" like he was al upset about it! I thought that was pretty cool. (Maybe that's what I can ask for chrsitmas something dad can put together lol)

Anyway so on with the lens.

There's all types of dads, Mine is the Wild game dad or just gaming dad as, as I was saying if he had to put something together he would end up playing with it himself until i went to mom & cried he wouldn't give me my toy! (Is that hilarious that I had to cry abotu my own dad not giving my toy back? mind you I do not have siblings so if there's fights about a game or toy its dad & I!! )

There's the sporty or fitness dad Gadget dad Business dad aka ' The Suit' and just the plain Sports dad couch potato. I will most definately cover the fishing & Hunting and 'gaming' dad aside from that I will try to help with the others.

Fisher-man - but if I'm with ya, forget live bait! Unless you want to bait my line!

I remember when I was little I would go fishing with my dad. Another thing I remember, is that I had this little snoopy fishing pole. I never really liked it I thought (& still do think its boring) but if I have a book I'd wouldn't!

well my fishing days came to an end when I was either in grade 5 or 6. The school I went to was the Hudson River Museum school, so it was as if we had a bunchof field trips in one year. That was the ONLY time I remember liking school. Well for one of my classes we had a field trip to the river itself to fish. No one told me what kind of worms we were using or what they could do, unless they didn't know!!! They had ::;Curses:: sandwroms for bait. When I picked one up to bait my hook (Yes I would bait my own hooks) I had no idea what hit me! The cursed thing bit me. No matter how hard I shook my hand to get it off it wouldn't fly off, and it HURT!! To think that little thing and those tiny pinchers could hurt that much, not to mention actually left a bite mark for a few years, could do that! One of the boys had to come had calm me down (I'm here laughing at myself over this) That was it, I told him he could use my pole & fish.

The Huntsman minus snow white

I always absolutely HATED my dad would go hunt 'Bambi' The closest I get to being Vegitarian or vegan is tehre's ONLY 3 types of meat I will eat. That's the basic, Pork, Chiken & beef. Even if I was starving to death, I don't think I could kill a forest creature. Though for those that do hunt & not just for game, as long as they eat the meat, I'm fine (but I still don't like it) Also like the natives, I think if they were to use every part of the deer for blanket etc. Then that would be fine. I can undertand it was done for years before we got so jaded, and it was a neccesity, and some would make the same argument with the farm animals but To me those farm animals aren't as cute & pretty & awe inspiring as Deer, or seeing a bunny and so on.

One time I was looking through pictures and I notices ALL my birthday pictures dad was missing out of them. I asked mom where he is, Doh! well my birthday i had forgotten falls during hunting season in November, so he was up at my po-pop's hunting on my birthday. ::grouchy face::

Playing Video Games with Sully Cat

Dad Playing Video Games with Sully Cat
Dad Playing Video Games with Sully Cat

Gaming Gambit

My dad likes video games but since we got the HD tv we haven't played (well he hasn't played any as he needs another wire to hook up playstation) i on the otherhand still have Sega Saturn and play Battle Monsters when I'm in the mood. I jsut hook it up to my old analog tv! (screw digital!)

What abot your dad?

What kind of dad do YOU have?

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Gear Head - for the 'grease monkey'

Here's an idea Robin gave me. So Thank you .

Review on the Hot Wheels Car Maker

The major use item

Energizer Trail Finder Pro 7 LED Headlamp, Blue/Black, 3AAA Batteries Included
Energizer Trail Finder Pro 7 LED Headlamp, Blue/Black, 3AAA Batteries Included

No matter what they do, fixing things esp.small things or just for use in a blackout... these headlamps are a great gift


Hope you (or) your dad have a happy Father's day!

for 'model dad's' a model car, a few matchbox or hotwheels cars of his favorite (or the cards he's had through his life.. Bonus if they are the same color~!

Best wishes

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