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The Madeline Hatter Costume Experience

Updated on July 29, 2014

Cosplaying Ever After High Doll Maddie

Who will I be this year for Halloween? One of the main contenders for my costume this year is Ever After High doll Madeline "Maddie" Hatter. Maddie is the daughter of the Mad Hatter from Wonderland with amazing style. She is a little offbeat (she hears voices), perhaps mad, but 100% adorable. The only ick factor with Maddie is that she has a pet mouse named Earl Grey (Why anyone would have a pet mouse...but I digress.) After all, Earl Grey does not have to have anything to do with cosplaying the Maddie Hatter.

This is my journey into Maddie's world. Follow me as I try to recreate this Ever After High dolls look.

Update: Widely available for Halloween 2014 is the Ever After High Madeline Hatter costume for children. This make it easy for your child to dress up as Maddie. For those older gals trying to dress like the daughter of the Mad Hatter you are still on your own. There are no adult versions of the costume.

Madeline Hatter - Ever After High Doll available on amazon.

Madeline Hatter Girls Costume is currently available from Costume Craze for about $45. For that price you get the dress, polka dot tights, gloves and necklace. They also have a Madeline Hatter Girls Costume Wig available to complete the look. The wig is price around $35 USD.

This is the easiest way to get the Madeline Hatter costume experience. You just have to point, click and purchase. While I like the look of the costume I am a little iffy on the wig. It may be a little short when compared to the Ever After High doll.

Since I have shoulder length brown hair I will need a hair makeover. I could spray my own hair aqua and purple but I don't think I would have much luck making my own locks into Maddie's, besides, I like to spend a minimal time getting into my costume. A wig is my best bet.

I checked out and the picture to the right is the closest wig I could find to Maddie's locks. The only problem is this Ever After High doll has curly hair and this wig is straight and too long. I would have to trim it, and curl it. I have never styled a wig before. Is that easy? Will it hold if I do a few wigs before fright night? I will have to look it to that.

Another issue is that Madeline Hatter's hair is more purple highlights on an aqua shade of hair. The wig in contrast is more two toned with the purple layer on the top and the aqua on the bottom. I would have to break up the top layer with some aqua extensions.

I wonder if I could alter the High Quality Top Sale 60cm Long Blue& Purple Vocaloid3 Luka Cosplay Wig Party+free Wig Cap Osc29004-b to fit what I need?

Get Maddie's Look

Kittiesmama, a young make-up artist, teaches you how to pull off Madeline Hatters signature look. She even sports a homemade Madeline Hatter costume that is extremely detailed.

Mini Mad Hat
Mini Mad Hat

Maddie's Mad Hat

So Madeline Hatter sports a mini mad hat with a tea and saucer appearance, and this a key detail I will need to add to the Madeline Hatter costume. I found this Mad Hatter Hat pattern online which I think will work to get the base of my Mad Hat but I will have to make a few key changes to get this to sit nicely on my Maddie Costume.

I will need to make my hat a mini mad hatter hat so that it sits as a hair decoration on my head rather than a huge hat. I will need to had a handle to the top hat to give it the appearance of a tea cup and saucer like Maddie's Ever After High doll has.

The photo the next mad hatter by eightseventyseven, reproduced under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license, shows the size I will need to create.

In the next few weeks I will try to create my own Madeline Hatter version of the mini hat, and will update with pictures.

Dressing Up as Ever After High's Maddie

Which piece of Maddie Hatter's costume do you like best?

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It's All About Layers for Maddie Hatter

California Costumes Women's Ruffled Pettiskirt,Black,Small/Medium
California Costumes Women's Ruffled Pettiskirt,Black,Small/Medium

When it comes to Madeline's skirt we get a shall we say mad mixture of fabrics and patterns. To complete this look I would start with a black petticoat to give the skirt a more voluminous look. Than pair it with a white and blue striped skirt and finally add a layer of purple and gold fabric and complete with a blue bow around the waist.


Haunting the Thrift Stores this Halloween

I've been looking for skirts with similar patterns to Maddie's online but it looks like if I choose to be Maddie Hatter this Halloween I will need to start checking the thrift stores now for patterns that will fit her skirt. I will need to find a white and blue horizontal stripe for the dress and a purple and gold patterned fabric for the top layer of the skirt. This could take a while...

As for the top part of the dress I think I could get away with using a champagne colored tank and using a short sleeve shrug. Perhaps even adding some purple fabric for the sleeves.

Photo Credit, reproduced under CC BY 2.0 license.

Maddie Hatter Costume Gloves

As it turns out creating Maddie's signature Ever After High costume gloves may be the easiest part of the entire costume. Add some lace and paint to get the look.

This approach could also work well for customizing a pair of white leggings with blue polka dots.

Lady Gaga Gloves
Lady Gaga Gloves

The base of Madeline Hatter's tea party gloves. You will need a pair of blue gloves to alter to get the Ever After High doll costume experience

American Crafts 7/8-Inch Crocheted Lace Ribbon, 2-Yard Spool, White
American Crafts 7/8-Inch Crocheted Lace Ribbon, 2-Yard Spool, White

Attach some lace around the wrists of the gloves to give the gloves a more feminine experience.

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint 1-1/4 Ounces-Puffy-White
Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint 1-1/4 Ounces-Puffy-White

You will need to add some white polka dots to finish your gloves.


Daughter of Mad Hatter Jewelry

Maddie Hatter has two pieces of jewelry I will need to concentrate on recreating. The first is the teaspoon gold earrings and the second is the blue necklace with the bold accent.

For the earrings I just need to attach a pair of earrings to the back of a set of spoons using my handy dandy hot glue gun. This should be easy enough to do.

Second, it looks like a bunch of different shape beads painted blue will work to create the necklace and one golden bow. For the necklace I`m not looking for it to be exact just close enough to look the part.

Image copyright Mattel, downloaded from Vault at for character identification.

Teapot Purse Must Have Accessory

So Maddie sports a teapot purse at Ever After High. It's gold and blue, with a white top. To create this look I think a cheap child's tea set might hit the spot. I could paint the teapot and add strap to in with my glue gun. I'd probably have to seal the paint with mod podge to avoid chipping.

Now that I think about it I could even use a teacup and saucer to make the daughter of the Hatter's hair accessory.

Dantoy - Tea Time-15 Piece Set (Colors may Vary)
Dantoy - Tea Time-15 Piece Set (Colors may Vary)

I like the shape of this teapot it would work great to customize my Madeline Hatter outfit.


More Ever After High

Ever After High Dolls
Maddie Hatter is part of Mattel's fairy tale doll line along with Raven Queen, Apple White, and Briar Rose. These dolls attend Ever After High which is run by headmaster Grimm.

Photo Credit, reproduced under CC BY 2.0 license.

Will You Go Mad this Halloween? - Thanks for Visiting

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