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Thomas Kinkade Books

Updated on September 23, 2015

Books About or By Thomas Kinkade

It isn't well known that late artist Thomas Kinkade had authored about 15 books on his own, and either co-authored or illustrated numerous others.

The majority of his books, and the books Kinkade has collaborated on, are full of wholesome stories, along with his inspiring paintings and illustrations to add to the written word.

As can be imagined, fans of Kinkade have been delighted, to say the least, about his books and works that touch the lives of so many people.

He also has books he's written for others, talking of his life and the things that have motivated and inspired him to reach the heights he's reached, and blessed many others along the way.

Books about Thomas Kinkade

The first couple of books we'll talk a little about are the ones telling the story of Thomas Kinkade, along with one covering a 20-year period of his life. The story of Thomas Kinkade is very inspirational, and his reliance and acknowledgement that Christ has been the inspiration and source of his talent reveals something of the man. It is a major reason his works have gained such popularity among the common American people. These two books are a glimpse into that inspiration and where it has taken him.

25 Years of Light - Thomas Kinkade

The Thomas Kinkade Story

Cape Light Novels with Katherine Spencer

Thomas Kinkade has collaborated with Katherine Spencer on a number of stories in the Cape Light series, and they've been a very popular series, especially for young ladies. But that isn't all. There have been numerous works in other series by Kinkade, which I can't even keep up with as to his co-authors or those he's been the illustrator for. Either way, the Cape Light novels have been his most popular fiction writings, and the majority who read them rave of the wholesome stories which also deal with real-life situations.

Cape Light Novels

With Wings Like Eagles

Fans of Thomas Kinkade have really enjoyed this devotional, which includes great images, inspiration about God, and patriotism connected to being an American. With the political climate as it is, and American values under attack from within, it would be a good idea to reflect with this timely and timeless book from Thomas Kinkade. It seems more relevant today than it was 11 years ago.

Great American Century Devotional

'Silent Night' with Thomas Kinkade as Illustrator

Silent Night is a good example of Thomas Kinkade working as an illustratorwith author Joseph Mohr (writer of the song) to recreate this classic Christmas song of the time Jesus came to the earth. The illustrations included from Kinkade do great justice to the classic and traditional Christmas song, highlighting and emphasizing the greatness of the message.

Inspirational words and images from Thomas Kinkade

As you can see from these wonderful works of Thomas kinkade, which include the written word and images, they continue to focus on the wholesomeness of life and the simplicity that is out there for everyone to embrace. His message stays on center, and he doesn't deviate no matter what his critics attack him over. Thankfully he stays on message while his works continue to positively affect the lives of millions.


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      3 years ago

      Great article! I have been cndiuctnog family devotions for the last 3 years and I absolutely understand the chaotic nature of it. From the lack of focus, to the competition to answer the questions. I used to get frustrated during the chaos (still do), but God has really shown me that I am responsible to be faithful to communicate the Gospel to my family, then trust that in the chaos He is working in all of our hearts. He has been so faithful to do just that. As Matt Chandler has consistently taught us fathers Gather the kindling around their hearts, and pray that God ignites a blaze!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      abarbara on This is the work done by Paula Gambin, Cherise Greach, Shannon Pace, Graziella Chetcuti and Megan Galea for the YRE coemitptionabarbara on This is the work of Grace Anne Muscat for the YRE coemitption


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