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Transformers Halloween Costumes for Women

Updated on January 19, 2015

Transformers Halloween Costumes for Women

Now, you can be an Autobot (or Fembot as they are also known) without having to wear all the unflattering and bulky costume from the male Transformers Halloween Costumes.

Just when you started to get over the fact that as a women, you can dress up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween (Holy cow, how amazing are those costumes?)...along came these stunning Transformers Halloween Costumes for ladies too!

Here, I've found some feminine and cute alternatives, that includes skirts (that can easily be swapped out for pants of choice, if desired) and attractive tiara style head masks.

So without further ado...let's see what we have in the range for Transformers Halloween Costumes for women...

Your Transformers Fembot Costume Ideas Start Here...

Lady Bumblebee Transformers Halloween Costume

Finding a good Fembot costume can be tough. But I've found some options you should enjoy. Kicking off with the glorious, golden Bumblebee...

I love this Bumblebee Costumes for women.

It has a real superhero quality to it. Glossy and sexy, no robot has ever looked so fine!

With this costume ensemble, you are getting the dress with a petticoat. Golden arm gloves and leg warmers.

You also get a fancy little headpiece that looks like a really cute little crown - but gives away the flair of an Autobot with feminine style.

This costume doesn't include the shoes, but any sort of footwear would go with this, from smart sneakers, to glossy high heels.

Amazing Transformers style Makeup Tutorials for your Halloween Costume

Lady Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume

Female Optimus Prime!

Cute and fancy. This Halloween costume comes as a dress, with a printed top section, to create a machinery effect.

As well as the dress, you also get a fab little headpiece, designed to look like a tiara equivalent of the Optimus Prime helmet - isn't it cute?

The boots don't come included, but never fear, I have a few footwear ideas up my sleeve for cool alternatives...more info on that a bit further down the page.

You like these Transformers Fembots??

Will you be a Fembot this Halloween?

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Another Bumblebee Transformers Halloween Costume for Girls

Similar in idea, this Transformers Costumes will make all the fembots jealous! Coming in an all in one dress, with printed top half - the yellow will really put you in the Bumblebee frame of mind.

With matching headpiece, you will feel like one feminine Fembot to pair up with the cutest of Transformer.

The boots don't come included...but I have plenty of ideas for on...

Transformers Halloween Costume footwear?

The costumes featured on this page, don't come with footwear included, unfortunately. What this means is, you have a huge array of choices when it comes to what you will be wearing on your feet. Here are some ideas...

Ok, ok, I know these aren't strictly speaking, Transformer boots, but they would look awesome with the Transformer costumes.

They certainly give off a sense of industry and machinery design, as well as an authoritative quality that says "I'm tough, don't mess with me" - just like every good Fembot!

Demonia Transformer-800 5.5 Inch 5 Buckled Platform Black Pat Knee Boots Size 10

Going to just below the knee - these boots really create a flair of fashion style, as well as Fembot Autobot power. Available in different sizes, these will look great as Optimus Prime or Bumblebee.

Demonia Tr-803 Sg Lsp 5.5 Inch Heel Boots Size 1

Here is another option for your Fembot footwear. Cute and funky, these shoes really show who is the most stylish Fembot in town.

They would look good on any of the Female Transformer Costumes, you can also get them in a variety of colours to really tailor the look you are going after.

Did I transform your idea of what a lady's Transformers Halloween Costume could look like?

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