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9 Awesometastic ideas for Transformers Halloween Costumes!

Updated on August 24, 2017

9 Awesometastic ideas for Transformers Halloween Costumes!

Transformers Halloween Costumes are the way forward! Once in a while you stumble across something on amazon that makes you think WOW - THAT IS AMAZING. . That is exactly what I thought when I saw these stunning Transformers Halloween Costumes.

Not only has the Transformers franchised been helped along by the release of its Transformers Movies, but these costumes just do wonders for the fans!

What started off as a kids TV cartoon from the 80s, is now stronger than ever. What better way to celebrate these robots these disguise, than to dress up as one for Halloween...I'm going to show you how, right here!

For all the best Transformers Costumes, currently available on - click, here now!

Firstly...Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume

Such a cooool costume!!

The Best Optimus Prime Transformers Costume?

Now you can be the leader of the Autobots! Isn't this the most wonderful costume for Halloween? I was astounded when I saw it. It's very clever, it looks more complicated than it actually is. This Transformers Costume includes the jumpsuit, a Helmet with light up eyes (I know, right!!), Chest piece, Hip piece, Left gauntlet, Right gauntlet with sword...phew! Incredible, right?

The jumpsuit comes with screenprinted details from start to finish, which gives off the impression of sophisticated machinery. Clever huh? The back of the jumpsuit has a zipper and Velcro for ease of use. There are many polyfoam elements to give the costume some bulk and look mechanical, such as on the lowers legs, shoulders and upper arms. The chest is also covered in polyfoam, to give a bulked up appearance. The hands of the jumpsuit are completely covered as gloves.

The plastic armor is attachable to the whole jumpsuit. You will see that the chest piece looks like the front of a semi-truck, with clear windshield detail. Impressed yet? The hip accessory also acts as a codpiece, and comes detailed with a silver and copper paint. The plastic gauntlets are half pieces that will attach to the forearm (you'll see that they are red with blue flames). The sword then attaches to the arm, under the gauntlet. Made of durable plastic, this sword looks just like the one seen in the film - including weathered yellow blade and runes.

My favourite element is the helmet, and is quite simply the crowning piece of this Transformers icon. Made in several pieces which all come together and attach with Velcro. It is painted to look just like Optimus, and even sports blue, light-up eyes (batteries included!). You can pick your jaw up off the floor, now! I bet you can't wait to dress up in this Ultimate Adult Authentic Optimus Prime Costume!

(Tip: When last checked in January 2015, there was $100 off the retail price!! Bargain!!)

Do some research into your Transformer character!

...Or, you could go for something a little simpler...

Your second Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume option...

If you wanted something a bit more subtle than the first option. This Optimus Prime Transformers Costume is much simpler.

This ensemble includes an authentic licensed printed t-shirt with character mask (you don't get the guys jeans and shoes!). A very simple translation of a very impressive robot!

Bumblebee fan?

3) Bumblebee Halloween Costume

Here is your third and highly impressive costume option. This Bumblebee Transformers Costume will have all those decepticons quacking in their metal boots.

This bit will blow your mind - as with the Optimus Prime Costume , the helmet features eyes that light up - I KNOW! Don't worry, the batteries are included. The helmet fits around your head using velcro, which holds together the front and back pieces.

My advice would be to find someone else to dress up as Optimus Prime, and go as a Double Act - you will steal the night!

4) A simpler version of the Bumblebee Transformers Costume

So, if you want a more affordable option, this is the Transformers Bumblee Costume. Relatively hassle free, and easily adaptable if you were going out "into the real world" after your Halloween adventure.

With this set, you just get the helmet and t-shirt. Easy combo!

More Optimus Prime?

5) A different Optimus Prime Halloween Costume for you to try

More faithful to the original - this is the cutest - eh hem, I mean, toughest Optimus Prime Transformers costume out there. I love the box shins and forearms - a wonderful outift for Halloween, don't you think?

Here you have a costume that is essentially made up of 6 separate components - the helmet, the all-in-one suit, a chest piece, a hip piece as well as right and left gauntlets that come with the cannon attached. The all-in-one suit comes covered with metallic graphics to give off that true sense of Transformer machinery - it also has a zip fly built in, so don't worry if you need to go to the bathroom! The chest and hip pieces are made out of black and yellow plastic, which molds to the body to create the outer part of the costume.

How about Ironside?

6) Ironhide Halloween Costume

Ironhide always makes an appearance, although sometimes in slightly different guises. Here you have a really simple, yet very effective costume, made up of printed t-shirt and mask. Fool everybody, that yes, you are in fact, a robot in disguise this Halloween.

How about Megatron?

7) A Simple Megatron Costume

Be the leader of the Decepticons with this mighty Disguise Inc. costume, so you can become the evil Megatron! Again, another clever costumes, that requires very little assembly, but guaranteed hours and hours of fun!

Masks and Props?

8) Transformers Masks and props

Perhaps you have the body wear sorted and you're just looking for a head piece to go with your cool Transformers look? If that's the case, then these are for you...

Be the leader of the Autobots! Not only does this mask play real sounds from the movie (including the noises he makes when transforming from a robot to a machine), but when wearing the helmet - speak, and your voice will change to sound like Optimus Prime too! Isn't it neat??

What do you think?

Have I convinced you to dress up as a Transformer for Halloween yet?

See results

Fun Face Transfers?

9) Transformers Face Tattoos - perfect for Halloween

Here is another really cool option for you. As I was researching the sort of costumes you could wear if you wanted to dress up as a Transformer, I came across these nifty little things. You've heard of body transfers, or temporary tattoos? Well, these are exactly that, but for your face!

So if like me, you would find wearing a helmet that covers your whole head, a bit restrictive - these are the perfect solution for you. Just apply them to your face, and wash off with soap and water! Or of course, you can keep them on all week and wear them into work and impress your colleagues (your boss might have something to say though haha).

Autobots VS Decepticons

Which Transformers have you got your eye on?

What do you think of Transformers costumes?

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