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Beer Costume - Fun Beer Costumes For Men, Women and Dogs!

Updated on August 26, 2011

Choosing A Beer Costume

If you are looking for a fun beer costume for a party or event, here's a great selection to choose from. These are really easy to wear, cool costumes for both men and women, there's also a couple for dogs too!

A beer costume is a really fun choice, if you want to stand out from the crowd at any party, this is the costume to go for. You can choose a costume that makes you look like beer, in a bottle, mug or keg, or you can choose a beer related costume, like beer pong or a beer superhero, for the ladies there are of course the serving wench outfits and a cool female version of the beer superhero costume. There are beer costume accessories too.

See below for the fun range of beer costumes and accessories to choose from.

Beer Costumes For Men

These are great costumes for any party and if you want to be the center of attention, you'll get your wish with a beer costume, it will go down a treat!

If you want to look like beer, there's a cool selection of costumes to choose from. The beer mug, beer bottles, beer can and beer kegs, all easy to wear and lightweight for optimum partying.

If you want a beer related costume you can go for the German, Oktoberfest look, the Beer Man superhero look or you can parade around as a game of beer pong. Either way, any beer costume is pretty darn cool for partying in.

If you want a beer costume, these are the ones to choose from, they're affordable and easy to wear. You'll be party ready in no time with these cool costumes.

On the plus side, if you do opt for one of the 'looking like beer' costumes, if you do overindulge on said drink (or any other for that matter!), the costume padding will provide a soft comfortable encasing for you to collapse in. Think of it like a costume sleeping bag.

If you opt for the German beer drinking costume, be sure to do the funny dance of thigh slapping and stuff, whilst spilling beer everywhere, of course.

If you go for the Beer Man costume, don't forget your 6 pack! There's a special belt to hold the cans.

If you're going for the beer pong costume, you have a great sense of humor and you shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise! Don't forget your balls though, they aren't included in the costume.

Beer Costumes For Women

A beer costume for a women is somewhat different to that of the beer costumes for men. A beer costume for a woman is just plain sexy. If you want to unleash your inner vixen, these are great costumes for any party.

You can be a serving maid, a bottle of beer or Beer Girl. If you're looking for costumes for couples the Beer Man and Beer Girl costumes go great together. As do the German, Oktoberfest men and womens costumes.

These are cool, fun costumes that are sure to have you as the center of attention at any party.

Beer Costume Accessories

These are fun beer accessories to add to any costume. You can really have fun with this theme, it's lighthearted and sure to get you noticed!

These beer accessories are great if you don't want a full costume, if you just want a hint of the beer theme go with accessories instead.

The beer purses would look great with any of the beer costumes for women, it's a really cool looking purse in a choice of 2 colors.

The beer google or glasses with go with any of the costumes listed, but look great on their own too for just a hint of wacky beer themed goodness.

There's also a couple of beer hats to choose from.

These are quirky, fun beer accessories for either adding to a costume or wearing alone. If you don't want to wear a beer costume you can still show your fun side by accessorizing with any of these.

If you don't want to wear a beer costume, maybe your dog does?! Want a complimenting beer costume for your pooch? Look no further, they're just below!

Beer Costumes For Dogs

Beer related costumes really. There's a beer maid dog costume and a beer dog saddle that carries 4 cans.

The beer maid dog costume comes in X-Small, Small and Medium.

The beer dog saddle is one size and best suited to medium to large dogs. More information can be found on the product page.

These are cool beer related costumes that are lighthearted and fun.


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