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Unique Pill Boxes As Gifts

Updated on November 27, 2017

Unique Pill Boxes Make Great Gifts

Who says pill boxes have to look clinical? A decorative pillbox looks so much better than a plain one and still very functional. These fancy pill boxes will make great birthday or Christmas gifts for family and friends.

I am sure you have seen the regular plastic pill box with its compartments for different pills or vitamins. Why not give a unique and fun pill box which will brighten up your loved one's day each time they take their pills or vitamins.

So take a look at these unique pill boxes and see which one appeals to you.

Decorative Pill Boxes For Women

Great gift for Mom And Grandma so they won't forget the take their pills.

Butterfly Pill Box For Mom Or Grandma

Butterfly Pill Box - Useful & Decorative Gift for Mom or Grandma/Nana
Butterfly Pill Box - Useful & Decorative Gift for Mom or Grandma/Nana

A useful and practical gift for Mom or Grandma who needs to carry her meds around. The beautiful butterfly design makes this pill box look less clinical. The pearlescent butterfly design on top is outlined with small star-shaped crystals


Houder Pill Boxes

Other decorative pill boxes for women are those from Houder. They also come in attractive boxes which make great gifts. They come in a variety of designs and colours. I like the compact size as they fit well in any handbag.

Funny Pill Box To Make You Laugh

Have a good laugh, after all laughter is the best medicine (other than your pills)

My Stache Pill Box

MyStache Mustache Pill Box - Compact 1 Compartment Medicine Case
MyStache Mustache Pill Box - Compact 1 Compartment Medicine Case

I like the fun look of this pill box. I am sure it appeals to women and not just the men. This highly polished chrome pill box comes with a sturdy clasp so your pills won't fall out when you carry it in your bag.

Sometimes it takes just a little remark or a funny picture to put a smile on my face. So keeping my pills in a funny pill box brightens up my day even when I have to take my medication. A colourful pill box like the Mad Hatter's or the moustache pill box looks so much more cheerful than the standard plain plastic pill box.

Mad hatter pill box
Mad hatter pill box

Mad Hatter Pill Box

For those who love Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatter Pill Box

This pill box will appeal to those who enjoy Lewis Carrol's books. A round, fine chrome pillbox with a high-gloss image of the Mad Hatter. Has a solid clasp so your pills won't fall out.

Your Pill Organizer

Organize Your Pills

According to day or week

For people who take medication on a regular basis, pill boxes are very useful. They are easy to carry along wherever you go and keep you on your medication schedule.

Pill boxes are organized in different ways from daily, weekly or monthly. Those who are on regular medication can now travel easily with a compartmentalized pill box that is easy to bring along and which do not take up much space. The weekly pill organizer are great to bring along on vacations. You can choose the 7 day pill box which are quite handy to use.

See the top ten pill boxes here.

travel pill box
travel pill box

Wellspring Travel Pill Case

Wellspring Travel Pill Case - Urban Chic Poppy

- Laminated fabric case with kiss lock closure.

- 8 individual compartments

- Includes card for medication, pharmacy and doctor information

I always carry my vitamins and medication when I travel. I like having many compartments to help me organize my pills. They are much easier to find when I need them. A handy travel case means I don't need to keep my pills in different containers.


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