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Valentine's Day Gifts for the Cigar Smoker

Updated on August 31, 2017

Do you have a cigar smoker for whom you need to buy a Valentine's Day gift?

My very significant other, John, gave up smoking cigarettes 4 years ago, but that doesn't mean I'm not looking for Valentine's Day gifts for the cigar smoker! Smoking a good cigar keeps him satisfied and, although possibly not the best choice in the world when one quits cigarettes, it's still marginally better to smoke a cigar (no inhaling) than cigarettes. So, I indulge him, grudgingly, by finding some great gifts for a cigar smoker.

Whenever we travel, I try to find cigars that are made in the area. Some of the best we've found are actually in Key West, sold right on Duvall Street. Perhaps it's the extra cocktails in our systems that make them so good but, regardless, if you travel, a great Valentine's Day Gift for the Cigar Smoker is to pick up some good local cigars.

For more gifts for your man on Valentine's day, check out my article Valentine's gift idea for him - USB memory flash cufflinks!.

Note: I am certainly not advocating smoking cigars - I'm only familiar with the subject because of John. I personally don't like any kind of smoke but that's beside the point...

Get your cigar smoker some educational books for Valentine's Day

Enjoying a good cigar is much like enjoying a good glass of wine - it takes a bit of education to really taste the nuances in the cigar's flavor. The below books are all good reads and any cigar smoker will be pleased to open one on Valentine's Day.

It is illegal to bring Cuban cigars into the US. Get the facts before you get in trouble:

CBP.GOV article on importing Cuban cigars.

Selecting cigars as a Valentine's Day gift

If you're planning on buying a few good cigars for Valentine's Day, you should know a few basics about getting the best value for your money. The below items might help you in selecting cigars.

  1. Pay attention to the type of cigar your lover normally smokes.Cigar smokers probably have already figured out what type of cigar they like. Try and snap a picture of your lover's normal cigar to take with you to the tobacco shop. The owner of the shop should be able to guide you to similar cigars.
  2. Get your cigar budget in place. I was way surprised to find some cigars that sold for $75 (whaaaat???). I had to figure out my top dollar before I stepped into the shop to buy my Valentine's Day gift for my cigar smoker.
  3. Head to a reputable tobacco shop. A good tobacco shop will have educated personnel to guide you in making the best choice for a Valentine's Gift for your cigar smoking friend.
  4. Gently squeeze any cigar you're considering buying. There should be no hard spots (these are called "plugs" and interfere with the draw of the smoke). The wrapper should also not have any cracks or discolorations.

A good humidor is a great Valentine's Day gift for the cigar smoker

A good humidor will protect a good cigar by storing it in the correct humidity. Leaving cigars out in the air will dry them out and change the quality of the cigar. A good humidor should be lined with Spanish Cedar which actually is not Cedar at all - Spanish cedar is a type of mahogany. Regardless, Spanish Cedar is a wood that responds well to humidity which is the goal of a humidor - keeping the cigars within the right humidity for storage. The below are all top rated humidors;

Cigar smoker's online guides and stores

Here's a few good sites I've run across when I researched Valentine's Day gifts for the cigar smoker. I found all of the below pretty helpful. Some even have reviews of certain cigars.

A good cigar cutter is a must to get a good smoke draw - Your Valentine will thank you for this gift

Sure, your cigar smoking Valentine may bite off the end of the cigar and spit it out but how gauche...instead, invest in a good cigar cutter for a clean cut and the best smoke draw.

Black-Ops Delta 3 Piece Cigar Kit

Get your Valentine this great cigar smoker's kit which includes a carrying case for up to 4 cigars, a cutter, and a lighter. There - you're done!

If you really want to help your Valentine quit smoking... - ...check out these electronic cigarettes

These are just plain old goofy if you ask me, but these electronic cigarettes did help John quite smoking cigs at least. There's even a fake little puff of smoke that comes out of the end when one puffs.

Your thoughts on cigar smoking

More and more people are turning to cigars as they quit the cigarette smoking habit. What's your thoughts on this?

Do you think it's ok to give up cigarette and smoke cigars?

It took me a bit of thought to write this article Valentine's Day Gifts for the Cigar Smoker as I really don't like cigar smoke any better than cigarette smoke. What do you think?

Got a smoke? - I'd love to hear your comments

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    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      I think the electronic cigarettes are a better option. Smoking is just throwing your health away

    • JordanWalker LM profile image

      JordanWalker LM 4 years ago

      wish my girlfriend would get me cigars for v-day....great lens.

    • profile image

      torekpm 5 years ago

      Great lens and great gift idea. But if you are looking for a way for your husband or boyfriend to quit smoking, you can give him electronic cigarrete:

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Great selection of gift ideas for the cigar smoker. Nicely presented.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      enjoyed my visit here tonight, thank you.