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Vtech Kidijamz Studio Review

Updated on December 12, 2014

Considering Getting the Vtech Kidijamz Studio as a Gift?

The Vtech KidiJamz Studio is the sort gift you'll want to consider is you have a budding musical in your home.

As a huge fan of music myself, seeing my nephews and nieces rock out with their kiddie karaoke machines just puts the biggest smile on my face.

Not only is it too cute to watch them singing, dancing and falling about with laughter, it's also great to see them getting in touch with their creative sides and growing up with a strong appreciation for all things musical.

So the Vtech KidiJamz Studio might just be an item on my birthday gift buying list this year, but I'm still undecided - I have like a million toys to buy this year, so it's facing some stiff competition.

Besides, for now I'm just in research mode, so I'll be relying on together information from people who have actually bought the toy to help me make my final decision.

If you're also thinking about getting this toy, then maybe my ramblings here will help you decide whether this is going onto your list of toys to buy this year.

The Kidijamz Studio by Vtech - A look at what it does and why it's cool

I guess you can describe the Vtech Kidijamz Studio as an interactive mini recording studio.

Kids can make and record record their own music, then play it back on a detachable unit.

What I really like about the Kidijamz Studio is that it offers a wide range of musical options for your child to chose from.

There are something like 20 different tunes (all child friendly of course), 10 different musical instruments, 3 rhythm buttons and 5 musical styles; things like reggae, techno beats and jazz.

Already I can see that this isn't going to be the same old musical toys that blasts out repetitive tunes.

This is good for the child, as they won't tire of playing with this studio any time soon and good for parents - let's be honest, there are only so many times you can hear 'old MacDonald had a farm' before wanting to throw a toy out of the window.

Other components of this mini music studio include: a built in mic with 2 digital vocal effects, a keyboard that lights up and acts as a prompt for your child the press the corresponding keys and a turntable that makes a 'scratching' sound.

Your child also gets a song book so they can learn and practice songs.

Once your child has lovingly composed and recorded their music track on the detachable player, they can then take that track and play it on any MP3 player. Even through the car system (but you'll need an adapter for this)..

The Vtech Kidijamz Studio needs four AA batteries in order to operate, but these already come supplied in the box.

Recommended age: 4 to 10 years old.

Vtech Kidijamz Studio in Action - He's totally rocking out!

This little fella couldn't even wait to get all the wrapping paper off first.

Vtech Kidijamz Musical Instrument Poll

What was your favorite musical instrument as a child?

See results

Vtech Kidjamz Studio - A Few Things to Consider

Do not expect any peace and quite in your home with this; according to reviewers, this one loud musical toy.

Personally, I'd expect that of any musical toy so it wouldn't phase me too much. However, if you prefer your kids spend more time in quiet play, then don't get this.

Also, although it's great that the manufacturers provide batteries and all, I would've really liked to see them include some sort of mains adapter. Or at least a rechargeable battery station.

I know it's not a biggie as you can just as easily go out and buy a battery re-charger if you don't already have one. It would have been a nice optional extra from the folks over at Vtech.

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I'm still undecided on the Vtech KidiJamz Studio. Don't get me wrong I think it is an awesome toy, with excellent play features, which has clearly brought much joy to a lot of little ones and their folks.

I'm just still considering my other options, but that could very well change at any moment (what is it about gift buying that brings out my fickle side lol).

Anyway it's over to you. What do you think about the Vtech KidiJamz Studio?

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