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How To Make A Wenda Costume For Halloween

Updated on October 17, 2017

How To Make A Homemade Wenda Costume


The Wenda Costume Breakdown


Who Is Wenda? And Where In The World Is Waldo?

Wenda is a character in the "Where's Waldo" books written by British author, Martin Handford. Waldo, or Wally as he is called in Britain, is a world explorer and Wenda is his girlfriend. Wenda likes to take pictures of all the exotic and fun places she goes...and she loses her camera a lot! These books have sold over 58,000,000 copies all around the world so no matter where you go on Halloween, if you are dressed as Wenda lots of people are going to know exactly who you are.

The cute Wenda costume (and the very similar Waldo disguise) is super easy to make at home. The articles of clothing you will need are probably in your dresser or your closet right this moment. If they aren't be sure to check those old storage boxes filled with clothes in the attic. Keep your eyes open for anything red and white! If you still haven't found just the right clothes you need to dress up as Wenda after searching all around the house, go to a consignment shop, a thrift store, or a Goodwill store.

These cheap clothing outlets are a treasure chest of costume making clothes and accessories. A great example of this is the Wenda outfit...she loves to take pictures. I am sure you will find an older, beat up camera in a thrift or consignment shop for a few will be perfect for this costume and you won't have to take your good camera out as a costume accessory.

To Make A Wenda Costume You Will Need:

Red & White Striped Top
Blue Skirt
Red & White Knee Socks/Tights
Red & White Umbrella
Black Rimmed Glasses
Red & White Beanie Hat

Look How Cute Wenda & Waldo Look!


Where's Waldo Costume Ideas

Which Waldo Character Would You Be?

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Here's A Cute Wenda Look


How Much Do You Know About Wenda?

Here's a bit of trivia about Wenda. Let's see just how much you really know about Waldo's girlfriend.

Wenda Trivia Questions

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Wenda & Waldo Forever!

Where's Wenda? Can You Find Her?

Where's Waldo Costume Ideas Are Great For A Group

If you like Wenda and you need a group costume idea, why not consider having your group dress up like characters from Where's Waldo? There are plenty of costume ideas to use, even if most of them do have red stripes involved. You can be Wenda, your guy can be Waldo, then there's that bad guy...Odlaw. Don't forget Wilma and the Waldo Watchers...that's hundreds of costume ideas right there. I'm pretty sure you don't need that many! This is an easy and fun disguise for a group of people and it might be just what you and your friends are looking for.

More Wenda & Waldo Themed Costume Ideas For Halloween


Make An Odlaw Costume

If you get dressed up as Wenda and you know someone who wants to dress up as Waldo, why not get one more friend and have them dress up as Odlaw. (Did you notice that Odlaw backwards spells Waldo?)

Odlaw is an enemy of Waldo's. He tries to mess with Waldo's plans, but usually fails to make a difference at all. He dresses like Waldo but uses the colors yellow and black instead of red and white. If you are looking for a fun group costume theme, Where in the World is Waldo, is a great source of ideas. Wenda and Odlaw are just two examples of the fun and easy to make costume ideas we get from this book series.

How To Make An Odlaw Costume To Go Along With Your Wenda Disguise

Yellow & Black Striped Top
Black Pants
Yellow & Black Knit Cap
Round Sunglasses
Yellow Socks
Black Shoes

Wheres Waldo The Fantastic Journey - The Land of Waldos (Wenda Mission)

Remember, red and white are the perfect colors for a Wenda costume. Just look at the pictures on this page to get ideas on what you will need to put together this easy homemade costume. A Blue skirt is a basic wardrobe essential and you can easily make a red and white striped shirt using red duct tape or felt and fabric glue. Have fun making your DIY Wenda costume!


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