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A Few Words Part3. A short Story

Updated on November 21, 2013

Borf did everything in the Five and Dime from packing bags and more.

This is how in fact Jerry and Marha practically ended up raising Borf. From that day forward Borf was more than a regular fixture in the five and dime.

Jerry and Borf made up the best they could but things never were the same between them. Yes Borf went home at times, and for Christmas morning of course. But the rest of his time was spent in the five and dime.

Jerry ended up paying Borf a fair wage and Borf ended up being a fine worker in the family store. Borf never spoke much to anyone including Jerry but that was just fine. Jerry and Marha enjoyed having him around.

Borf did everything you can think of in the five and dime from packing bags to serving there famous chocolate soda's. In between working Borf liked to sit in the same red vinyl booth he sat in the night Sheriff Tooser slapped the cuff's on Jerry and read comic book's.

As time passed Borf grew older and grew even larger in stature. He was an even hugher seventeen year old now. Larger than any full grown man in Town and short on friends. All the local teens still came into the five and dime and hung out and they all knew Borf. Most didn't bother with him as he sat in "His" red booth.

This was more than likely due to his Freakishly large build and his more than shy disposition.

Seems that the little town hidden in the woods has become quite the tourist attraction during the summer months. Many from all around the country wanted to come and visit a simpler place. A place where you could feel like you stepped back in time just a bit and the Five and dime ended up being the star attraction in town.

Before you knew it Jerry and Marha had to hire a few local teens to help serve folks that came in for Burgers and just to see the store that was written about in the all the most important News papers.

Of course Borf was becoming popular as well. No one could image that a teenager of this age could be so large.

Borf didn't care for all the commotion at all. Most of the time he spent his days doing his work in the five and dime while trying to avoid strangers. One time a lady came into the store and made the largest roar about "The teen that lived in the Mountains." She insisted on having a photo taken with borf.

"I must have a picture with you the weird lady screeched as she charged at Borf with her bright red lip stick and matching bright red camera that dangled from her neck like what Borf thought looked like a cow bell.

Jack was quick enough to stop the lady before she made it to Borf and luckily for Borf the diversion was made in time as Jerry showed her his super secret recipie for his Chocolate Soda. The lady was more than happy to stuff a copy of this recipie in the pocket of her matching bright red pants and her attention span was no more than a flea as she was just as quick to exit the front door with a big smile.

The Storm.

A storm was now brewing. Right at the peak of summer vacations. It was on the radio and television for a week straight. "A storm of epic proportions, including strong winds, torrential rain and flooding will hit by weeks end."

"Be Prepared for power outages, be sure to have plenty of water, batteries and extra food on hand."

"WIND" "RAIN" "WIND" "RAIN" Be prepared!

This was the proclamation of all the experts and monotone news commentators on the radio.

The town was bustling for what was coming. Everyone seemed to be getting ready. Including the five and dime. Extra water was stacked, food was packed. windows were tacked!

Everyone except for the tourists. It didnt seem to bother most of them. The strangers that roamed about in the small shops and looked in aw at the picturesque town didnt appear to care at all.

At first the rain started very lightly. An ever so light mist.

Umbrell's went up and folks kept on!

Gradually the rain started coming down harder, and then the rain was at a down right pouring down. The tourists now scattered into every shop they could find.

The Five and dime was packed full of strangers from around the country as well as town folks.

That is when it happened.

The roaring of the rain slapped the roof of the small store, the winds were furocious but even with all of this storm noise the screaching of what sounded like a vehicles breaks and rubber skidding on pavement was piercing the air like a storm siren.

Everyone that was sheltered in the five and dime knew the sound. It was the type of sound that you brace yourself to hear what would happen next and what happened next is exactly what you would think.

There was a few seconds of silence followed by a large crashing noise of steel hitting what sounded like pavemnet.

Jack raced to the front door of the five and dime with Borf in his lead the crowd was on the heels of Borf.

Out into a one of the worst storms that could be remembered in many years to find a small cream colored hatch back turned upside down in a drain ditch.

Several tried to phone for rescue instantly only to find signals lost and in a out. No one knew for sure if a call had gone though.

Amongst the confusion, hammering rain and wind Jack and Borf had made it to the hatch back to find a younger woman trapped inside the hatchback with no way out.

It seems the car flipped out and landed perfectly like a shoe in a shoe box trapped between two walls of complete earth and rising water.

Jack punched the windshield feverishly as his small rain soaked hands seemed to bounce off the glass as if hit by a small child.

Jack Screamed at the top of his lungs to Borf who was now at the rear bumper of the car. "BRING ME A CROWBAR!"

Little did Jack know borf now stood in the ditch with water up to his waist and rushing higher every second. Borf looked down at the chrome bumper for a second as if to tell himself. "You can do this." Borf then wrapped his large fingers around that bumper and with every single ounce of strength he could mustar pulled at the car with full thrust.

Jack now realizing what was going on looked in pure terror as he knew what fate would be for Borf if he stood in the ditch much longer. "Noooo, Borf." "I can break the windshield."

Borf just looked at Jack with a slight smile and with every vein in his head bulging, with every ounce of sinew, raw, bone, muscle and power, that of perhaps of ten full grown men slowly lifted the hatchback just enough...

...Just enough for Jack to quickly open the small toy like door of the car and pull the blonde young women from the steel tomb as she cried and lunged for both Jack and the path to life.

Borf now had water up to his neck and Jack reached for him as the sirens from rescue screamed in the distance...

Jack now knew it was to late...


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    • mlesniewski profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Upstate NY

      Thank you for the post. Not positive the fate of Borf.

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      I hope you're not going to leave us hanging with this one. I am rooting for Borf, even if Jack thinks it's too late!


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