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Poem-Be Patient

Updated on December 30, 2011

Be Patient

The first time is always the best

thats when your heart is given a test.

It feels so great, like your in love

as if a miracle from up above.

Of course at the time,he's the only one

but it's you, who ends up the lonely one.

At first you feel, you will never get hurt

but after each time, you become more alert

When the right person comes your way

make him earn your heart everyday.

Your number one, keep this in mind

you will feel much better you will find.

The next one comes to put you down

just keep your feet upon the ground

it may seem life is so unfair

it's so hard to find someone who cares.

Anyone can say sweet things

but what are words

without meanings?

VLH 1984



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