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10 Great Topics to Write About

Updated on August 16, 2014

Reasons to Write

  • Money
  • Express opinions
  • Tell your story
  • Show your expertise
  • Help people

What to write about?

When deciding to write an essay, article, editorial, or whatever it is you are trying to write it can be hard to decide on a topic to write about. Maybe there are plenty of different topics swirling through your head and deciding on that specific topic can feel elusive. Glance through these ten topics to help spark an idea or if you cannot come up with one maybe choose one of these topics and run with it.

People Love Money!


1. Money

Money is one of more topics to write about recently. From the recent recession, high rates of debt, retirement, stocks, and more. There are numerous topics to write about money.

People love money! If you have ideas on how to make money, share them! Have you made money on the internet? Do you have home based business experience?

Personal finance is a topic that is very popular right now. Topics to consider is how to save money, how to lower debt, investing.

Personal Finance is a Great Topic!


Write About Proper Workout Technique

2. Fitness

Society is started to focus more on becoming fit. Writing about fitness can be fun and there are numerous avenues to take when writing about fitness. Topics could include Running plans, weightlifting routines, proper lifting techniques, and so on.

Fitness is not limited to running and lifting weights. Nutrition is a vital part to overall fitness, so you could write about topics such as healthy foods, dieting, and meal plans.

Weight Training


Contents of a Great How-to Article

  • Knowledge of subject
  • Easy to follow directions
  • Ordered in correct sequence
  • Complete start to finish directions

3. How-to

How-to or Do-it-yourself (DIY) articles are very popular. People are becoming more hands on and enjoy doing crafts, restoring items, fixing things, etc. So if you have some creative ideas, are a handyman type person then how-to articles may be a great choice to write about.

With popular sites such as Pintrest and Etsy, do-it-yourself arts and crafts have become very popular. Do you have any good craft ideas? Ideas on how to use everyday items in a unique way?

People are becoming more frequently hands on. Is it because more people find themselves without jobs or lower salaries? Sure. No matter the reason, people are doing more for themselves and are looking to the internet more and more on how to fix things, restore things, how to use things, etc. So if you have expertise in something like this then by all means let people know!

Help People with Creative Ideas!

"Image courtesy of [contributor name] /".
"Image courtesy of [contributor name] /". | Source

4. Health

With the rising rate of obesity and healthcare costs people are focusing their attention on their health. There are plenty of health related topics to write about.

Health care reform is probably one of the topic trending the most in health related topics. It is also probably the easiest to write about because you can simply write an opinion about health care reform or explain the details, or how it is going to affect certain people.People are looking more for health related facts such as natural treatments for common ailments, what to do for injuries, what are causing certain pains.

Other topics include prescription drugs, types of doctors, common medical procedures, diseases, viruses, epidemics, etc.

5. Lifestyles

Maybe you live a minimalist life style or maybe you live a lavish lifestyle people enjoy reading about how other people live.

Maybe you live or have lived on a farm, tell people about. Or you might live in a cabin you built yourself in the middle of the woods away from civilization, you can write about it but may have to go somewhere to get it online! Maybe you are an extreme ______ (fill in the blank) coupon person, collector, whatever the case may be people want to read about it.

People are Interesting!


6. People

Readers love to find out the lives of celebrities, the story about a local hero, and war veterans stories.

Do you know a lot about a celebrity, maybe you are their biggest fan, write about it. Maybe there is a great story about a heroic deed done by a local citizen that you think people should know about, then tell us. Maybe you know a story about someone that went through something tragic and has overcome that tragedy, people want to read about it.

People also like to read about war heroes. Maybe you know a WWII veteran or more recent war veteran, or you are yourself, tell their or your story!

What topic is your favorite to write about?

See results

7. Self-help

Self-help is a very trendy topic and there have been numerous books and articles written on the subject. There are so many directions to go with this topic and is one of the main reasons self-help topics stay such a hot topic.

Topics to write about:

Help someone become a better communicator

Are you a business, community, or any type of leader? Then write something that can help someone become a leader or learn new leadership skills.

You could write articles helping people dress for the appropriate occasion, coordinate colors such as appropriate color shoes with suits, or the latest fashion tips.

Help people become more confident. Maybe you are a great speaker, if so then give tips on how to be more confident when having to speak in front of people. Maybe you fancy your self a smooth talker, then write about the art of getting the guy or girl.

8. Reviews

When deciding which movie to watch, product to buy, neighborhood to live in, or book to read; one of the first things we do is get on the internet to read reviews first. If you watch a lot of movies, are technology davy, or read a lot of books then write reviews comparing them.

Education is Important to People


9. Education

With less jobs being available than there were just a few years ago, people are putting more emphasis on education from elementary school to graduate school.

Did you pay for school by getting several scholarships or grants? Tell people how you did it. Write guides to help people with standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, or MCAT. You can write an article helping someone choose a major.

Have you been through college or graduate school? Write about the process and helpful hints to help someone get through the process of applications, studying, or financial aid.


10. Media

Movies and TV Shows are more popular than ever. Do you know a lot about a TV Show or movie? If so then right about it. Keep people up to date with the latest happening in a particular show. Or maybe you are knowledgeable about a genre of movies, then tell people about great movies in that genre.


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