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Making Money Online - 10 Easy Ways

Updated on September 18, 2015
Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /
Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

Making Money Online

Beginning the process of getting paid for your efforts online is reasonably easy. Easy meaning, that it only takes a few minutes to create accounts with sites that will pay you for your time and effort. Time and Effort, yes that is correct, it is going to take some time and a good bit of effort to earn money from online enterprises. Sorry if you were expecting to be able to sign up with some site and sit back, and letting the money start to roll in! It is not going to happen that easily. There are no easy tricks or shortcuts that allow you to make money on the internet without working for it, and if you see a site or hear someone stating otherwise avoid them at all cost because I can guarantee that it is some type of scam.

You may here of people claiming that they were able to quit there jobs and are now earning a six figure income from online opportunities, and yes there are some who have. However, most of these real cases of people gaining wealth even into the millions of dollars through the internet were people that have been entrepreneurs that have had original ideas that if me or you tried to now would not work because it has most likely already been thought of. Most of these wealthy dot com millionaires made their money early in the internet popularity.

When I talk about making money online it is not by means of creating the next site that will make you a millionaire. I am talking about doing small things that add up slowly over time and eventually will become a set it up and forget income.But it will take time and a lot of effort before you see any big numbers. You will have you have to grow your online presence and continue spreading your new found skills and passions across the online world.

Things You Need to Start

To get yourself started making some extra income online will require only a couple of basic things:

  1. Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Email Account

The first thing mentioned that you will need is a computer. It does not matter whether or not it is a laptop, desktop, or tablet, but it does need to have enough storage to store items such as pictures and other documents. Obviously the second item to have, an internet connection, is important otherwise it will be much more difficult to get online to make money!

The last thing on the above list is an email account. Most sites that you register with, if not all, require you to register with an email account, so it is important to have one. My suggestion is to create a separate account specifically for you online money making accounts so that your everyday email account does not fill up with unwanted email offers. There are plenty of free email services out there such as Gmail, and Yahoo.

1.) How a Camera is Useful to Make Money

Having a camera can help make money online several ways:

1.) By making your e-commerce more trustworthy.

  • When you are selling items online through sites such as ebay, having pictures of your item helps buyers to have more trust in you and the condition of the item as they are able to see it before they purchase.

2.) By selling photos or making products using those photos.

3.) When writing original online content, pictures taken yourself gives the content a more personal touch.

It is important to remember that photos you post online for selling a product, to sell the photographs themselves, or to accompany content you have written online, are high quality photographs and are not blurry.

A Couple Examples of Items I have Sold Through eBay


2.) Make Money Selling Your Old Stuff Online

Selling stuff you don't want or use anymore can be a great way to earn a little extra cash online. Is it going to make you millions? I doubt it. But if you have enough stuff to sell then it can make you a nice little income. About a year ago our family moved into a new house and I decided to get my stuff together I thought I could sell and everyone else to get stuff together to sell, and I ventured into the realm of selling online. I figured out that I was more successful with eBay and liked the whole dynamic of eBay better than Amazon.

Examples of things you may have sitting around the house that you can sell online:

  • DVDs
  • Video Game Consoles and Games
  • Old electronics
  • Collectibles (Sports cards/memorabilia, non-sports trading cards, comics, figurines)
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork

Where can you sell items online




A Few Cheap things to sell online

If you find that you do not have anything to sell online that you feel will make money, or that no one would want, there are a few other things you can sell online. Although it is not going to make you rich, selling coupons and box tops for education on sites such as eBay is a great way to get a little money for something you would normally throw away.

Earnings from Hubpages

Example of my Hubpage earnings
Example of my Hubpage earnings

3.) Writing Online Content

There are multiple ways to make money online by writing content. From writing for sites such as Hubpages or Squidoo, writing your own blog, creating your own web page, writing ebooks, or writing articles.

Personally the experiences I have gained are through Hubpages and Squidoo. My personal favorite is Hubpages because it is easy to use and I have actually seen results through increased page visits and making money from ad revenue everyday, although some days it may only be a few cents.

I have tried Squidoo a few times but it seems like they are slightly more strict, or overly strict about publishing "lenses" as they call them. I know that I have written some very high quality lenses over there and yet they become unpublished for some reason. I will give it a few more attempts however because I do like the setup there.

Making money blogging is not the easiest way to make money online, but can be a very rewarding experience. It allows for you to put your personal views out there on the internet where anyone can read. You never know, maybe a lot of people have the same views or opinions as you. If you find that you can a lot of traffic then monetizing your site will be even easier. However it takes some time hard work and writing before the average person gets enough traffic to their blog before getting to the level of making a lot of money from their site.

Inbox Dollars Earnings

Example of screen showing inbox dollars earnings
Example of screen showing inbox dollars earnings

4.) Taking Surveys and Cash back

Taking Surveys

Making money taking surveys can be a great way to make a little extra money. However, do not expect to be able to supplement your income and be able to quit your job by doing taking surveys. However, with most legitimate sites like inbox dollars you can reasonably make around $30 every few months, depending how many surveys you qualify for and how much time you dedicate to taking surveys and doing smaller tasks like confirming emails.

Cash Back

Using sites like Ebates allows you to shop online and get cash back! All you have to do is create an account with Ebates and when you shop online, log in and search through their site for what you are purchasing. You will be redirected to the actual store site you are purchasing items from but in order to earn cash back you have to go through Ebates first. Depending on how much shopping you do online you may be able to get a generous amount of cash back. Most sites give from 2-5% cash back and there are some that they will give as high as 20%.

What is your favorite way to earn money online?

See results

5.) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling for a company through your website, blog, or other online avenue. The great thing is that all of the shipping, returns, warranties, etc. are all taken care of by the company that you are the associate of. All you have to do in most cases is sign up and then began placing products on your online media with your specific associate ID and you will get a commission(percentage) of those things that sell.

6.) Make Money Through Twitter

Making money can be done using several services that pay you to post tweets on twitter. You want to be careful that you do not tweet too many ads or non-related tweets so that your followers are not overloaded with ads.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these services require you to have so many followers before you can start earning with them. If you do not have the required number of followers then now is the perfect time to learn as much about twitter and start building your own online following.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Example of Amazon Mechanical Turk earnings report
Example of Amazon Mechanical Turk earnings report

7.) Micro tasks

There are sites such as Odesk, elance, and Amazon Mechancial Turk that puts micro or "mini" tasks that you can perform for money. These are sometimes simple easy tasks such as looking up information online. The idea is to break big projects into small pieces that can be done quickly, correctly, and cheap. You definitely will not get rich doing this, but if you take some time it can be a great addition to your portfolio of making money online.

8.) Free money from financial institutions

Some banks and other financial institutions like online brokerages will give you money for opening an account or referring people to open accounts with them. Some examples are banks like Capital One 360 has offered $25-$50 just for opening an account with them.

9.) Investing and Savings

Investing money in securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs can potentially be very profitable but also risky. But the main aspect is that it will require you to use money you already have.

Savings is another way to make money online. While not really thought of as a traditional way to make money online, with most people physically holding money less and less with the increase in direct depositing of checks, online banking, and mobile apps, I decided to include it for these reasons.

Another way to "save" online is using e-coupons or printing off coupons.

10.) Make Money on Youtube

Do you like making videos? Are you good at explaining things? Then maybe Youtube is the way for you to make some money online.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great ways to earn money online, thank you!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Here is a link that gives you step by step training to make money online:

    • traceydempsey profile image

      Tracey Dempsey 

      5 years ago from Fitzgerald

      I myself use inboxdollars and have had no problem reaching $30 in less than a month... They have many more options to earn money besides just reading emails or answering surveys. Billy's Spin Wheel a neat bonus now.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I know a guy that makes a lot with affiliate marketing.

      this is his blog:

      it is worth checking it out to get a few tips for money making

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 

      5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing these tips. I just need to add two things for those who are interested in making money online.

      (1) You need patience

      (2) You need to work hard and smart

      Without the above two your dream of online money will not happen and you will give up.



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