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10 Scary Novels

Updated on September 7, 2013

The Scary Novel

Scary books can have a wide range of genres.  Is it ghosts, vampires, werewolves that make you wake at night from the smallest sound?  How about a psychopathic serial killer on the loose?  For the horror fiction reader there are many, many books to choose from.  Some readers gravitate towards a particular genre and usually stick to reading those types of books.  Some prefer a more contemporary, modern setting and rarely ventures into gothic horror.  Some readers just love a scary story so they run the whole spectrum of genres to find the perfect book that keeps them up at night.

Here is a list to ponder over.  They are not in any order of importance or spookiness.

The Haunting of Hill House

by Shirley Jackson:

"I could live there all alone, she thought, slowing the car to look down the winding garden path to the small blue front door with, perfectly, a white cat on the step. No one would ever find me there, either…” These are the opening sentences to this book that is now considered a classic. This book is more spooky than scary but it does have its moments.

Salem's Lot

by Stephen King:

This is one of the scariest vampire books I have every read. I made sure at night that my windows were all closed and locked. This is not like “Twilight”; there are no nice vampires in this book. This is more traditional like the classic vampire book “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.


by Stephen King:

This book made me think of clowns differently and still do not like them. This is a story of good and evil with the story centered on seven kids that come together as adults to fight evil. They have come together to finally put a stop to the horror that has plagued their small town for decades.

The Shining

by Stephen King:

Jack Torrance and his family set off to the Overlook Hotel to be the caretakers during the winter months. What happens to the Torrance family is chilling and will have you turning each page with anticipation. For many this King novel will forever be an all time favorite.


by Mary Shelley:

This is a given when it comes to reading horror, just like “Dracula”, “Picture of Dorian Gray”, and “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Though I think with younger readers, Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Dr Jekyll are often over looked. With all the attention with young readers being on the “Twilight” series I know some young readers have read “Dracula” and a later vampire novel “Interview With a Vampire”.

Silence of the Lambs

by Thomas Harris:

Hannibal Lecter is the ultimate spooky bad guy. He is intelligent, cunning, sociopath and has an unusual appetite. This is a well executed thriller that takes you on a suspenseful ride. This is the second in a series of three having Lecter as a character. I know some will think this book does not belong here but I would have to disagree.

The Exorcist

by William Peter Blatty:

What can one say about the Exorcist? For my generation this is one book that we won’t forget due to the movie that came out. The story centers on an 11 year old girl named Regan who is possessed by a demon. What always got to me about this story was that Regan was just like any other 11 year old girl, she reminded me of myself at that age; except for the possession part.

I Am Legend

by Richard Matheson:

This is a book about survival after a global catastrophe. This book isn’t spooky scary it’s scary in the sense that you think in the dark recesses of your mind that this could happen. How can one go wrong with mutated vampires and the lone man fighting them off?


by Dean Koontz:

This is a favorite, partly due to the fact that it takes place where I was living at the time. Even while lying out in my backyard in sunny California reading this book I still kept an eye out for the unexpected. This book offers a twist of the classic, Frankenstein novel with two of the characters being animals. I fell in love with the Golden Retriever, Einstein and rooted for him throughout the book.

Ghost Story

by Peter Straub:

This book starts in present time with a young man with a woman that he has kidnapped. So what does this have to do with four elderly gentlemen that have a past worth hiding? Sometimes things we do in our youth come back to haunt us. Peter Staub has written other novels that are also very good. This particular book was made into a movie in 1991.

More Great Books

  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • The Omen by David Seltzer
  • Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin
  • Amityville Horror by Jay Anson
  • The Stand by Stephen King
  • The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Alan Poe
  • The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
  • The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
  • Hell House by Richard Matheson
  • Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice
  • Koko by Peter Staub
  • Summer of Night by Dan Simmons

Final Thoughts On The Book List

There are books that I did not include in the list of ten for various reasons.  Some of the classics where not listed because they are after all "classics".  I would hope readers already know that these great books are a given when it comes to horror books.  Though I did include Frankenstein in the list of ten mainly because I think Mary Shelley pushed the envelope of horror books when she wrote it.

For me a scary book does not always need to include ghost, demons or other supernatural occurrences to be scary.  That is why 'Silence of the Lambs' is in the list of 10 because Dr Lecter is truly a horrific character.  Now sit back with a nice glass of Chianti and pick up a good scary book that will keep you fearful of dark places.

Happy Reading!



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    • profile image

      trey 5 years ago

      bloody secrets horror stories is pretty chilling too

    • Raevyn14 profile image

      Raevyn14 5 years ago from Tecumseh, Oklahoma

      The book that scared more than the movie is still misery, cuz in the movie they changed alot, like she didn't break his ankles she cut his feet off

    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      Salem Lot and It are my favorite king books. I would also add Pet Semetary. I did not like The Shining, book or movie. I read Frankenstien and Dracula enjoyed them both.

      Read alot of Koontz but not Watchers. I am Legend book much better than Omega man or Will Smith version. The movie starring Vincent Price is true to the book and superior to other movies.

    • mkott profile image

      Michele 6 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      ~Textured Ideas

      Thanks for the comment. I have never read, The Wicker Man. One day I will have to read it. I have seen both movies but nothing compares to reading it.

    • profile image

      Textured Ideas 6 years ago

      Thank you for the list. I haven't read most of those so I will check them out. There are a few books that have kept me awake all night, the main one being The Wicker Man. I was so horrified by that book that I couldn't sleep and even cried at the end. I loved it! There's nothing like a great horror book because the imagination can be far scarier than films.

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 6 years ago

      I have read some of the books you have mentioned and indeed I also found them very interesting. This made me realize I have to buy a new book on my next trip to the mall. Thanks.

    • sligobay profile image

      sligobay 7 years ago from east of the equator

      Great article and effective presentation. I have linked it in a Hub that I will soon publish. Cheers.

    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 8 years ago from United States

      Amazingly I have read all of these, I am an avid fan of horror, we live in a world that is full of it alreay, but the twisted spine chilling novels you have listed enhance the night, and spice reams with cold sweat awakenings.I am out of Dean Koontz and Stephen King material, although King has just released a new one in paperback. grerat way to introduce others to horror....lovely hub.~~~MFB III

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Horror, have a good portion in industry now. I don't know this is just like overcome stress or something. But kind of movie and book is the biggest sold.

    • mkott profile image

      Michele 8 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      All ten have been made into movies. For me though the book versions are almost always superior. The other "more great books" list, almost all have been made into movies.


      I might have to check it out. Thanks.

    • resspenser profile image

      Ronnie Sowell 8 years ago from South Carolina

      Excellent list and several of those were great movies as well!

      I just discovered Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain on the bargain rack @ Barnes & Noble. It is not a scary book, exactly, but I liked it. In fact I think I will write a review hub on it!

    • mkott profile image

      Michele 8 years ago from Reno, Nevada


      I am sure there will be something in the list you would enjoy reading.

    • profile image

      Crazdwriter 8 years ago

      GREAT hub! I always love hubs about books. Have not read any of those but will look up a few of these. Thanks for a great list.