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How Writing for Hub Pages Improved my Life and Well-Being

Updated on August 10, 2020
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Linda's passion for writing began as a young girl writing in her journal. She finds solace & healing as the words flow through her.

One of my Many Journals


Write on Hubpages

HubPages is a user generated content, revenue-sharing website founded in 2006. The company acquired its main competitor, Squidoo, in 2014 and moved from a single-site to a multi-site business model in 2016. The web based company is based in San Francisco, California

Writing on HubPages is Food for the Soul

I wanted to share with my new writer friends that I'm celebrating my third month on Hub Pages. It's hard to believe that so much has already changed in this little time. I have to thank my twin sister who heard it from a co-worker, then recommended it to me. She and I have been passionate about writing since we were children. Back In the day, we both had journals and filled the pages consistently for years. I put the pen down for many years and lost a part of myself. It's not that I didn't love life, but there was something missing- a big hole I couldn't seem to fill. I didn't realize the source of the void until my sister told me about Hub Pages and I started writing again. Not only can I fulfill my love of writing, it's no longer difficult. We are now in an age of computers which lets me leave that old typewriter behind. No more cramps in my hands from writing in my journal. I can let my feelings and stories flow with ease. How cool that I have all these little capsules that enhance my articles and hubs. I can upload text, photo's, videos, links, books, polls and much more. This is a dream come true for a writer like me from the dark ages.

Examples of how Writing has Improved my Life

Hub pages has been food for my soul in so many respects. Here is my first example: This might sound weird, but after only three weeks of writing again, I noticed the warts on my index finger vanished. Yes, that's right- ugly warts I'd had for over fifteen years are gone. I tried every treatment imaginable to get rid of them and nothing worked. I no longer have to put my finger over my index finger to hide the ugliness beneath. I knew right away this was because I was following my passion and gift that God had given me. My creativity opened me up again and things in my body were flowing.

Attitude has been another big change for me. I unconsciously shut down a lot after going through a lung cancer journey. I'm grateful to be seven years cancer-free this coming St. Patrick's Day. As a survivor, I was constantly thinking of the what-if's of my cancer coming back. It's easy to do when your going for cat scan's every three to six months. Every trip through the doughnut hole for a cat scan, reminds me of my mortality and how precious life is. If the cancer comes back, what will happen to my twin sister and her kids? Will she be able to financially raise her children on her own? Will she be able to move on if I lose my battle with cancer? As a survivor, you feel like you can never let your guard down because you don't want to set yourself or loved ones up for failure. I definitely pulled away from my loved ones to protect them and myself. On my last visit to my oncologist I was told that I no longer need cat scans every six months and will graduate to once a year. This miracle coupled with writing again, has changed Everything! I am extremely happy and open to life again. It also feels good knowing that Everyone in my life see's the positive changes too.

Last but not least is the special connection I've made with new friends and writers here. The first few weeks I felt incredibly insecure about my writing and didn't want to let my guard down. Being a little rusty made me feel I wouldn't add up to all these Hub veteran's. I was even hard on myself when I wrote comments to fellow writers. Eventually my confidence grew -much of the credit goes to the warm welcome I received from all of you. Friends and family have seen the positive change in me since reigniting my passion for writing.

Food for the Soul

Has hub pages been good for your soul???

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© 2010 Linda Rogers


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