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Some Excellent Blogs for Writers

Updated on December 10, 2015

You can totally learn how to be a writer just using the resources available on the Internet. Although as the Internet grows frighteningly bigger with each passing day it is becoming exceedingly difficult to find really useful stuff on it.

Sure, the search engines are getting smarter but they aren't smart enough yet, to recognize the 'SEO tactics' implemented by some sites and blogs whose only aim is to get more 'hits', more 'traffic' and ultimately make more money.

However, sometimes you stumble upon a really great site or blog that is truly useful, fun to read and promises a lot more. I have collected a few such blogs for writers. In this post, I have mentioned only the ones that help you learn how to write.

The writers and authors of these blogs include aspiring writers, published and established writers, literary agents, publishers and a few individuals from completely unconnected fields.

There is only one thing common amongst these people - a passion for writing. So go through the list of blogs for writers and let me know which ones you liked the most, in the Comments.

6 Excellent Blogs for Writers

Maintained by Larry Brooks, StoryFix focuses mostly on helping writers create structured fiction of various lengths. At Story Fix writing is treated more as a craft that can be mastered by applying various techniques and methods.

Larry also conducts writing workshops for budding writers.

If you want to publish your work, if you want a career as a writer, then you’ve come to the right place. ~ Larry Brooks

Started by Suzannah Windsor Freeman who is herself a writer. She publishes mainly writing advice along with useful resources for writers.

Since 2009, ‘Write It Sideways’ has been helping you see the world of writing from a fresh perspective. Our experienced team can help you learn new skills, define your goals, increase your productivity, and prepare for publication. ~ Suzannah Windsor Freeman

Nathan Bransford is the author of Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow (Dial, May 2011), Jacob Wonderbar for President of the Universe (Dial, April 2012) and Jacob Wonderbar and the Interstellar Time Warp (Dial, February 2013). He was formerly a literary agent with Curtis Brown Ltd. and is now the social media manager at CNET.

My favorite thing on his blog is the FAQ that he maintains for writers who are looking to be published someday. Its a 'must bookmark' if you wish to become a full time published writer someday.

After dabbling in the PR, marketing and internet worlds Allison discovered that there was nothing better than becoming a full time writer and working from home. She has 3 published novels to her name so far and her blog features writing advice, writing inspiration for writers and is also a place where writers can pose questions to her.

You will also find a lot of great websites and blogs for writers in the 'Links I recommend' of her blog.


A nice Midwesterner breaks free of her genteel upbringing and says what's on her mind--politely of course--some habits are really hard to break. And one last thing, Pub Rants is shorthand for Publishing Rants. No Irish Pub involved--unless you want one to be! ~ Agent Kristin

Adventures in Childrens Publishing

Martina Boone, founder and principal blogger, loves reading and writing books. She lives in Virginia with a husband, two kids, two cats, a fish and Auggie, a therapy dog who is convinced it's his job to make the world a better place.

At 'Adventures in Children's Publishing' they post a lot of good writing advice and also organize intriguing contests and workshops for writers.

This is not even a slice of the huge amount of excellent blogs and websites available for writers. These are just the ones I head to when I feel like reading about books and how to write them. They are unique in that they also lead you to a lot of other extremely useful but not excessively popular (heavily and mostly artificially marketed) sites.


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    • onceuponatime66 profile image

      Jackie Paulson 7 years ago from USA IL

      I will check out the list of blogs. I love to read and write so this is wonderful to see what others are oding or blogging about.