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25 Fresh Prompts To Get You Writing in Minutes!

Updated on July 4, 2019
APPetty profile image

A.P. Petty is mixed with poetry, blues music, and rooibos tea.

Phrases to get those gears turnin'!

1. "I didn't know what to do," "never before," and "the day I went home."
2. "I almost cried," "offensive body odor," and "seeing each other."
3. "To the moon," "drive me there," and "the whole galaxy."
4. "Extra spending money," "a limited time," and " in good standing."
5. "Whenever you're near," "who has lost," and "you know someone."
6. "I feel it coming," "you did this," and "what I have to say."
7. "Boring as shit," "taking my time," and "he has an avuncular manner."
8. "I'm over him," "fish on ice," and "granulated sugar."
9. "Wheels screeching," "can't see the pattern," and "the door on the right."
10. "Blood spurt everywhere," "death was inevitable," and "this red dress."

Mix and Match!

11. The movie Dirty Dancing, an Al Green song, and a motor scooter.
12. A torn ligament, a blow dryer, and a hand grenade.
13. A jar of grape jelly, a streetlamp, and a green tea smoothie.
14. John Coltrane, cocoa butter, and a coloring book.
15. A violin, a silk dress, and a bar of bleaching soap.


16. Write a story based on the last text message you sent.
17. Write a story in which you integrate your favorite musician or entertainer into it.
18. Write a story set in your city 200 years from now.
19. Write a story starting with "You did what?"
20. Write a story that ends with "and it remained the same."

21. Write a story that has the following song titles "Hot Stuff," "Fantastic Voyage," and "Stupid Girls."
22. Write a story with an Etta James fan, a colostomy bag, and a monster truck rally in it.
23. Write a story centered around a rejected marriage proposal, a transcriptionist, and a felt tip marker.
24. Write a story about a Dallas judge, a terrible haircut, and a stupid family feud.
25. Write a story about a graveyard, a nurse with a secret to tell, and a barbecue.

Words to use and remix in your writing!

26. Assignment, hatched, reputation, unusual, and mustache.
27. Surgeon, chopping, merciless, thirst, and chipping.
28. Plight, measure, depending, immediate, and outrageous.
29. Stir, paradox, shapeless, extension, and stewards.
30. Planet, meditative, voyage, capital, and unplotted.

© 2019 AP Petty


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