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25 Things I Wish I Knew my Freshman Year in College

Updated on July 15, 2015

  1. Scholarships ARE the poo. Like, I knew I would get my school paid for, but I didn’t not think about the fact that IF you qualify for Fafsa, that pays for school and then scholarships are just extra money in your pocket. Seriously.
  2. I spent all of my extra money on joining a sorority. It was fun but, when you pick a sorority to be a part of, GO WITH YOUR HEART. I didn’t, I went with the one that I, at the time, thought had cooler girls and a better reputation with the boys. Turns out, those “cooler girls” acted just like the girls I was in high school with. I didn’t really fit in (I’ve always had guy friends) and I ended up quitting after one semester.
  3. One thing I did get right with boys, I promised myself to never sleep with ANY frat boy until I was in a relationship. I heard too many stories about sorority whores.
  4. You don’t have to be in a sorority to have friends in college.
  5. You can have a blast or you can be a loser. This statement is false. You can have fun and still study other nights and get good grades. Because you are spending A LOT of money to go to school, regardless if it’s yours or not (Financial aid only pays for 6 years), and you don’t want to have a shitty GPA in the long run because you just had to go to that Halloween party at the frat houses.
  6. Give everyone a chance. Seriously, that awkward girl in math could end up being the one you call when you are in a sticky situation.
  7. Thursday is the best day.
  8. Make friends with everyone! Not just people in sorority and fraternities.
  9. Get involved!!
  10. Freshman 15 is serious. It is real life. In high school you had a schedule and they GAVE YOU healthy food to eat for lunch. In college you fend for yourself. The foods they offer can be healthy, but they also offer Chic Fila, you do the math. Luckily, they do have a gym that is open to any student! Do it to it.
  11. It is better to have respect than attention.
  12. Don’t overload your schedule. Don’t plan a 7 am if you know that you will not go. Just don’t.


13. Have a roommate? Trust me, y’all wont be friends in 2 years. At least, not as close. I hate it, but it’s true for the most part.

14. The student health center is friendly and they give out condoms, awkward, but helpful. Ps, I never got condoms. That’s for the boys. Girls, don’t get condoms for the boys! If they don’t already have condoms, then that should be a lesson that they learn! No C no P! K, thanks!

15. You can be anything and anyone you want to be. I suggest being the person you want to become, and that should always be a better version of yourself. Be more kind, be spontaneous, be a better planner, be more determined, be confident, be focused on what you are in school for, just be whatever you are and work to possess the qualities you like in others and yourself.

16. Eat healthy and exercise to the best of your ability, and exercising does not count as walking to class. Unless you have one of the step counters and you know exactly what the walk has done for you, then you can take it off you exercise. I would think. Just keep healthy snacks handy, trail mix and such.

17. Don’t have sex with random guys! They don’t care about you; they just want a good lay.

18. For the love of god if you are having sex with randoms, USE CONDOMS AND BIRTH CONTROL. Please.

19. If you are drinking, don’t be the whiny girl.

20. Don’t comfort the whiny man either. It will ruin your night. He probably always whines when he drinks for attention.

21. Do what you want.

22. GO WHERE YOU WANT. Don’t go somewhere because your friend is going too. This IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO GO DO WHAT YOU WANT, WHERE YOU WANT. I swear! I wish I had thought about going abroad! There are plenty of scholarship opportunities for it! And, also, it can be cheaper!!! In other countries, they pay you to go to school so that they will have more qualified people to do things in the country, unlike America, you must pay to go to school to learn the things that our country needs. Not that I don’t love America, because I do. But I believe that would be a beautiful thing.

23. Online classes can be easy or hard, is heaven on frat row.

24. Do not buy your books in advance from the bookstore. Don’t buy books from the bookstore AT ALL. I swear it is a waste of your FREE MONEY (if you have free money). The books are over priced and not worth it. You can buy an edition from years ago and it will say the same damn thing, on the same damn page. Same book, new cover. I do my entire book shopping at if Chegg doesn’t have it check out

25. Also, when I took online classes I used, find your textbook, and type in key words from the question, you will see a preview of a few pages, I always picked out the pages that were in the chapters that we were covering, after you select a page, your search words will be highlighted in yellow and your answer should be lingering somewhere around that. If you cant find it that way, type in the multiple choice answers and read about it.

If you would like to see step by step instructions on how to use to your advantage, look here:

College Girl Polls!

Do you wish you would have studied abroad or do you plan to in the future?

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Please! Feel free to let me know if you have any advice you wish someone would have given you!


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