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5 Secrets to Publishing a Great Newsletter

Updated on March 27, 2013

Why Publish a Newsletter?

Providing regular newsletters to your opt-in list subscribers can provide many benefits. A regular newsletter can help drive traffic to your site or sales page, which should result in boosting sales (and therefore profits!) from your products.

What makes this even better is that building and keeping your customers connected to you with newsletters is one of the least expensive marketing methods you can use!

Newsletters allow you to quickly and easily inform the public about your company's products and services. You can also use them to announce new products or offer special promotions.

Newsletters also allow you to impress your subscribers by showing your expertise in your niche area. Impressed subscribers are just a step away from becoming happy customers!

Happy customers are likely to recommend you and your services to their friends, colleagues and family.

Following are five secrets to help you publish email newsletters that will get you noticed!

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Do You Publish a Regular Newsletter?

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#1 - Stick to Your Niche

Always make sure that the content of your newsletter closely pertains to your niche.

Your target audience has joined your mailing list for a purpose - to learn more about your topic or specific products and services. Don't waste their time by throwing a lot of non-related information into your newsletter just to fill up space.

If your niche is auto parts, your newsletter should contain only articles and photos that pertain specifically to auto parts.

Don't make the mistake of taking up space with a report of your latest fishing trip or favorite casino! That will likely irritate your subscriber by wasting what little time they may have to spend on reading the many newsletters to which they subscribe.

#2 - Provide Great Content

Make sure that the information you provide in your newsletter is well-written and content rich.

The articles you write should be able to grab the reader's attention and get them interested and excited about the topic. You should be sure to edit your articles before publishing them!

Everything you send out to your list should be checked for spelling and grammatical errors.

If your newsletter is riddled with errors your subscribers won't feel confident about your expertise or products.

Newsletter Publishing Resources

Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy
Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy

In Net Words, emarketing guru Nick Usborne introduces you to a revolutionary copy-centered approach to online marketing. He explains what works and what doesn't and shows you how to create copy for websites, enewsletters, and email campaigns.

60 Free And Low Cost Ways To Market Your Online Newsletter or E-Zine
60 Free And Low Cost Ways To Market Your Online Newsletter or E-Zine

If you need to grow your subscriber list without going broke the strategies offered in this book can be a breath of fresh air to guide you in your list building efforts.

Write Your Way to More Clients Online: How to craft captivating content for newsletters, blogs and social media
Write Your Way to More Clients Online: How to craft captivating content for newsletters, blogs and social media

This book will help you create high-quality content and publish it consistently throughout the month.


#3 - Check & Re-Check Your Facts

If your newsletter articles provide facts and figures to your subscribers, do yourself a big favor and make sure you review this information for its validity.

If you're using quotes make sure you attribute them to the right source.

If you're providing figures, make sure you're using the correct numbers and that all your calculations are correct.

Nothing will turn your subscribers and would-be customers off faster than blatant errors of fact or arithmetic!

#4 - Keep It Fresh

Don't send out a newsletter unless you have articles that are fresh.

If you provide articles that are stale or that your readers have seen before from other sources, they will get bored with your newsletter and opt out.

If your newsletter content doesn't keep your subscribers interested you won't get them to stay with you long enough for them to see your ads or consider your products!

More E-Mail Newsletter Tips

#5 - Be An Original

This may be the most important secret of all!

Never, ever, ever use copyrighted materials such as photos and articles. This is outright plagiarism, and can get you into serious trouble really quickly.

If you do just don't have the time or the inclination to write your own articles, there are many willing and able professional article writers out there that can do it for you for a reasonable fee.

All your investment in writing and publishing articles will be well worth it when you see your list build up and your traffic increasing!

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      Germaine Reilly 6 years ago

      useful tips! It's something I'm looking at doing, so I'll bear this points in mind - thanks.