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7 Happy Birthday Poems For Your Boyfriend

Updated on February 26, 2018


These 7 happy birthday poems for your boyfriend are a nice way to share this special time of the year. Everyday is always a good day to tell someone you love them.

Take a few minutes, enjoy these selections, and share the ones you like with your boyfriend. Since his birthday only comes once a year why not help him celebrate it in a big way.

Flowers For Him

Flowers are not just for females

I know you like them too

So on this Birthday of yours

Here's a bunch for you!

(Buy him one or a dozen of his favorite flowers or pick them from the garden. if you like to draw, draw your boyfriend some flowers. You can draw them as fancy as you like or not so fancy. It's the thought that counts.)

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

Hopes And Dreams

What do you hope for?

What do you dream for?

May this day be a start to

Fullfilling your hopes and dreams.

Have a Happy Birthday

And many many more!

D. Alsup

Have A Birthday Blast

Have a blast of a day!

Doing things your way.

Today It's all about you

And your happiness too.

May your Birthday be

Sunny and bright.

Let's get together

And Party

All Night


Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

A Little Kiss

A little kiss

A little hug

A loving birthday tug

To remind you how much I care

To remind you I'll always be there

Have the best birthday ever!

D. Alsup

I'm Cooking

Bar-b-que ribs

Baked beans

Macaroni and cheese

Tossed salad

Sweet Hawaiian buttered rolls

Chocolate cake, Lemon pie

Homemade ice cream

Your favorite drink

My chardonnay

Will help you have a

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

Cut It

Cut the crap,

Cut the chase,

So it's your birthday

Get out my face.

Told ya I loved ya

Last year or so,

Since you're making a big deal

Out of this day

I'll tell you once more.


Hear me say it,

Listen loud and clear,

Turn down all the music,

Come closer,

Bend an ear,


I love ya,

Have a Happy Birthday

My Dear!"


I'm glad

I'm glad it's that time again

Let me have your full attention,

To tell you what's on my mind

And I won't forget to mention:

You've been kind,


and loving

to our son.

I hope this your birthday

is one of your happiest ones.

D. Alsup

Question of the Day

Do you and your boyfriend have any kids together?

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    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 7 years ago

      Hi keyshia Mance, Thanks so much for visiting.It is so hard for me to give you an honest opinion about u getting married, since I don't know your whole situation. I would suggest you discuss this with a long time married couple you know and respect or a minister you know and respect as well, and who also knows you and your boo. Good Luck and Good life!

    • profile image

      keyshia Mance 7 years ago

      I love my boo yes i do but sometimes he make me mad he told me he want to married me once i get out of high school and i said i don't know do u think we should get married