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Rejection With a Rung

Updated on June 25, 2017
Everett Bradley profile image

Everett Bradley, convincingly or not, doesn't do much else other than write and read.


I am writing this letter
because it has come to my
regrettable attention that one too chore
of your talents' tales
have been received as poor.

Rejection for sure, make a b-line for the door.
Our guidelines didn't entail
our happiness to fail
every half-wit and shell
who asks for enough
and unsheathing of fancy veil
to wed every
Well-straddled whore one could ever sell.

Your eyes were of the glow
like the prize before your body,
a fantastic life. A fantastic show.
But with no means to close that distance,
we're afraid we'll have to let you go.

We appreciate you're effort
we appreciate your time
enjoy the complimentary water.
Have a glass of wine.


I am writing this letter
because, to your regrettable demise,
there was one person that much quicker
there was one person who spent that much time.

I am writing this letter,
after thousands in a fair line,
because an eternity of hard spent energy,
an eternity of faultless strategy
and trying
will never take to your inner vicar.
Will never make you divine.


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