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A Blueprint Of Loneliness.

Updated on December 25, 2009


A Blueprint Of Loneliness.



Not as blue
as your eyes,
but bluer than
my soul without you,
as I lay in the
flowered meadow,
and wish I was gazing
not at the sky,
but into the forever
of your loving glance.

I rise from my repose,
and toss a pebble
into a pond,
watching the ripples
on the cobalt waters,
that reflect the sky,
move outward
in many circles,
as the stone sinks.

I am that stone,
lost in the depths,
of my own actions.

A jet plane
cuts a white scar
across the azure above me,
and for a moment
I wonder if you're on it,
headed for home.

Then I turn
and take an opposite path,
back to the emptiness
of my house of blues.




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