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A Colombian Dream, Part 5

Updated on September 6, 2012



This Ron 'alter ego' is something else! First he apologize to me for lying about his real intentions with Christina, I had a long talk with him last night and offered him a nice role in this story. He kept smoking and told me that he was going to think about it. I said, "Listen Ronny, you have to be honest with your own self and our readers. This macho wanna be style is certainly override for 2011, and....!"

" Alrighty Lordy, I throw my cards and let it be."

Ron is driving his Cadillac and showing Christina around. The Stardust, The Flamingo, The Mirage and the Biggest neon lights signs she ever saw in her whole life. It was a blinding experience and her imagination really flew. Suddenly, she gets in this abstracting state of daze and...

BACK TO 1985

Christina is baptized at the 'Basilica de Buga', a Cathedral like Catholic Church from her hometown Buga. Is almost Christmas and she gets used to the color of the 'Alumbrados', a typical Colombian celebration with hand crafted lanterns and Catholic motifs and decorations. A must celebration on every december the 7th on all neighborhoods around the Country. Her first gift for that Christmas, being just four months old, was this colorful Barbie with a fashionable mini dress.


"Hello! Baby!! are you okay," asks Ron, who was talking to her and wasn't getting her attention.

" Oh, oh my goodness! I'm okay... I'm fine. Sorry, I was thinking about these lights and the ones I used to see in my city, that's all...!," responds Christina with her eyes flickering with the different oval and rounded shapes of the night lights.



Her final stop in this neighborhood, where one story houses abound. What a difference with the Glamour of Downtown Vegas. The parking space in front of the house is already full with 2 cars from the eighties, which doesn't give a good sign. They enter in the House and inside she find a surprising reality. Seven central American girls chatting and playing casino. " What is this Ron?" asks Christina. " Oh our girls that take turns as cashiers on our Casino. "But, you told me that I was going to become a model and make some decent money?"

"Well, listen, you start from the bottom and you move up. Capisce?"



10 A.M.

Adrianne is posing in this new Bikini for 'IMAGENES', a Model agency for the Area with connections with France and Japan. "The Shooting and the flashlights are becoming intense. All seems to be normal. Manolo brings The owner of the Agency, Javier Solano, 44, who has plans for this woman..and she doesn't even know.

They take her into a backstage room and get to the point:

'Would you like to join our casting members in Barcelona?" Asks Mister Solano, a Colombian ex member from the deceased Cali Cartel. "I came to Spain to make money and help my family and if this is in relation to my career.." Manolo cuts her off and adds, " Sure nena! We all are here to make money. The thing is, you have a very sensual body and a blond. We know you have potentials to make it in... in this business. Can you imaging flying to London or Prague?"





Marcela founds out that this city, even though is cold, is the most quiet regarding violence and crime. Finding work is not hard at all.

Her worries died away as the days passed. What she really enjoyed was the diversity. Some of them could pass for Colombians, but as soon as they say a word in Swedish, she would just watch in awe. Her Father actually was a Guerrilla chief in command of the Meta zone Faction.. Since she was a baby, sounds of shootings and him leaving her with mom for months, was an experienced she will never forget. Her ways were already set to a nomadic state of mind. Always exploring and moving forward. At 24, she was ready for the world...and the world was ready for her?



3 A.M.

Marcela tries so hard to open her eyes. She eventually sees lights and feels a deep pain on her shoulder. Coming back from the Universitet she was struck by a car and was left to die, until a passer by jogger Called Emergency room. The problem is that she cannot...and will not be able to walk. Doctors made their best to keep her alive and she thinks she is going to leave this world for good. Her consciousness is barely kept stable. One mistake of hers was to travel to nowhere man's land and now she was not ably to regain the strength that kept her going. Doctors were concerned about her breast implants, which were still intact. Not bad for 240 cubic centimeters of surgery on both sides of her chest.

" If she dies, that would be a big loss," argues Doctor Jack Danielsen. "I have her blood type Jack," responds his colleague surgeon Gary Gustavsson.

" Then let's harry up Gary. She has nobody here...and we have our mission"



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