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A Dark Street Through the Trees

Updated on October 18, 2011

It is 1 a.m. and bitter-cold. I stepped outside into the darkness, the cold stinging my face. I pulled the collar of my coat up to cover my ears. As I look down the street, the roadside adorned with huge Maples and Poplar trees, I light my cigarette. The taste is wonderful and fills me with a false sense of peace. Step with me into My world. A world seen through depression that never seems to truly go away. It simply hides itself under the shadow of a smiling man, waiting to come out, with no warning, no reason, simply because...

The sky is very dark tonight, almost a hue of purple more than black. A single light shines through the leaves of the trees in front of my house. The leaves, un-willing to fall from the branches that have fed and nourished them for 3 seasons, blow in the breeze that has made it's presence known by nipping at my ears and nose. The leaves sound like the rise and fall of families cheering at a high school football game, changing from loud to quieting and back to loud again. The rustling of the leaves that have fallen to the ground, adding to the chill that is already with me.

In the shadows of beauty that is mine to behold, the moon-light peeking through the leaves each time the wind blows, it disappears into the darkness, almost as quickly as it came. The light looks like the beacon from a Lighthouse, flashing through the trees and then off again. It captivates me and I soak in all of it's beauty for as long as I can. It reflects off the back window of a car parked in the alley across the street from me. The leaves illuminate for just a moment, their colors visible for just a moment and then... darkness again.

Though my mind often takes me to dark places, places that are Not beautiful and do not remind me of anything wonderful, I steal this moment and hug it to my soul, warming my insides for as long as my mind will allow. And then, the very essence that was beautiful just a second ago is now wrapped in the memories of times gone by. My thoughts begin to race as they always do when I am trying to enjoy a moment of peace. The reality of the disorder that haunts my every good thought, crashes down on me, like the leaves still hanging on the Maples. They know as does my mind, that as hard as they may try to hold on to the warmth and the protection of the tree, sooner or later the bitter cold and the harsh winds Will blow them away from the safety of the tree and spin them to the ground.

The "wind" that is my thoughts, spirals my smiles and warmth to the ground and strips me of the warmth that they were. I think about all fo the seasons that have passed and the love and memories of past lives. A mind like mine simply doesn't get the luxury of smiles with out the explosion of sadness and guilt and pain, rushing in to steal it away, the same as the wind steals the leaves grip on the trees. This is my world. A world of never, ever forgetting a single love or hurt or pain or sorrow. A world some call bipolar or manic... I simply call it My world.

Now quietly finishing my smoke, eyes stinging not just from the cold anymore, I lower my face as if to give acknowledgement to the "Winds" of remembrance, feeling my past quietly seeping in to leave me silent. The darkness of the street, the coldness of the night wind is my companion inside. I snuff out my smoke, wishing I could just see beauty and love, minus the sadness. I pull my coat up over my ears and go back inside to write, for writing is my peace.


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    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      5 years ago from Iowa

      Thank you Rose for reading this and for your beautiful comments. they are heartfelt and touch my soul. Always, Darrel

    • Rose Anne Karesh profile image

      Rose Anne Karesh 

      5 years ago from Virginia

      Hi Dday50627,

      Thank you for sharing so personally and powerfully. I hope writing this gave you a sense of ease for a least a little while. I am glad writing can grant you peace!

    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      Thank you Eiddwen for taking the time to read this.Often times, to write our thoughts and feelings of the moment is to release sorrow or deep emotions from ones soul. Writing is therapuetic in so many ways. Thank you again for reading this and for your kind words. Always, Darrel

    • Eiddwen profile image


      6 years ago from Wales

      HI Dday,

      Thanks for sharing this gem and I look forward to following you on here.

      I came accross you on Sunnie's pen to paper site.

      Here's to so many more hubs of yours to read and I vote this one up.

      Take care and have a wonderful day.


    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      And you are a dear soul. Thank you for reading this as it means so much to me. Be safe and smile. Always, Darrel

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 

      6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      "for writing is my peace"...

      This is a powerful piece and I wish you peace, my dear friend. Voted UP & Awesome, mar.

    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      Thank you jfay for taking time to read this. The moments are ever present with hints of light now and then. To do less than put my heart on a block and hope it isn't cut would simply not be me. I thank you for your words and your time. As always I am, Darrel

    • jfay2011 profile image


      6 years ago

      That's a very vivid and thought provoking prose

    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      7 years ago from Iowa

      Paradise, thank you for writing here. I seldom write that I do not see some response and wondered if I had crossed that imaginary line called Too Much Information. I sometimes fear that I bear to much of my soul and that it may cause people to shy away or even shun me. In seeing that you took the time to read and comment gives me at least I small feeling that I am o.k. to write from my heart. Thank you for that. always, Darrel

    • Paradise7 profile image


      7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Evocative and moving. The pics are great--your words, so full of feeling, even moreso.


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