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P.S. I'm Allergic To Cat's: A Foretelling A Grandmothers Curse

Updated on June 21, 2017

To my Firstborn
I see a Family as defined a new legacy
Romeo Okinawa Legacy
His name and Political aspiration
A fighter like his brother
And like this Grandmother

Two not twins but close in age
They will dress alike
Their looks similar
But different they will be
It will take some time for me to pronounce their names
But this Grandmother will love and protect them
Irrespective of D.N.A.

Now my Grandson will also be a reflection of me
Poor Lad
The looks of his Father with big brown eyes
The looks of a Girl as when you were born

Ryusei my heart I gave
Or rather he gave to me
Prior to his birth

Now a big Boy not a baby
He will intone
But Son remember
How I raised you
Never forget
Even Firstborn's need attention
Father to Sons
Father and Daughter especially so
Quality time individually and collectively
As comprises a Family.

To my Middle Son

Little Molly magpie
Her Grandmothers sassy attitude
Good luck taming that shrew
A beauty of course she will be
curls a mass will fit her dainty head
Arms akimbo she will espouse
I am molly she is Shannon""

On cheeks to the left a Grandmothers mark
Beautiful they both be
Molly the chatterbox
Yes Son naturally
Sweet and kind
Loving you must raise them
Shannon allowed to dream
As her Grandmother still Today

Molly must be allowed to be just who she is and determined to be
One a Lawyer
The other a Writer
Equal Justice will their motto be
And of course they will have
The pre-requiste big brown eyes

Molly "magpie" Malone
We are three and a half twins you see
So she says a most precocious Child
Molly will be.
This Mother her middle Son cursed
When he exclaimed I am never having Girls
"I would look into their big brown eyes and melt"
As I jokingly intoned then Daughters you will have
One Son to carry on your legacy
Said I with a impish smile and laughing eyes

This Molly
The looks of her Grandmother that's for sure
Sassy and free spirited she will be.
"Ms. Jackson if you're nasty."
Twice Married I bore the Name
A Jackson
That also was also me.

As Three Children have I
Now my Last born My Daughter is running scared

Daughters are rare too you see
A scared look upon your countenance
Her with the look of my youth
The complexion of her Father
Twins I said double the heartache you to me gave

Two Girls and a Boy
'Tis this Granmothers curse
One light the other dark of complexion
One green eyes the other brown
No not your color but this Grandmothers legacy
To constantly remind

A chuckle escapes you Daughter dear
Scared to see
But hold these words dear

A Boy with his Fatherslooks
Blue eyes that from a Great-Grandfather takes
Poor Lad
A fighter he will always be
To protect his Sisters
A Warrior a Fighter
For a cause

His Fathers influence
His Father's, Father legacy

My Granddaughter's one to ballet
The other a Counselor
She will be

But like her other Grandmother a Charmer she will be
Loving graceful and Oh such strength
She will be a Guardian and protector of her Sister dear
A Sigh

Her other Grandmother's name
It's only fair
As I will have dear Molly the ballet dancer
As befitting my other personality
The softer more amenable me
'Tis fair
Michelle ma bella dona

No Daughter not puppies
Real Children with D.N.A. a plenty
Poor darlings will be confused
But afterall Grandparents need their Legacy


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