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A Heart of Deception Part 8

Updated on August 1, 2009

Chapter 1

 Holly Everten was lying lifeless on the cool cement that had befriended her for an indefinite amount of time. more....

Chapter 2

 Holly and Darrell settled into Rex Fields, a dry, warm, southern town near Oklahoma and Louisiana border. more....

Chapter 3

 Several years had passed by ever so quickly. Holly chased after Percy who was barking madly at the chickens. more...

Chapter 4

 Holly drove the rental wooden station wagon to the local shop, aptly named Valerian Feed Store after all the bright red flowers growing in the area. more...

Chapter 5

 Several days ebbed and flowed by. Holly went about to clean the garage that had sorely been ignored. more...

Chapter 6

 Darrell was crouched over the hard, cold, steel table in the Rex Field’s Police Department interrogation room. more...

Chapter 7

 De Luco’s dusty maroon car wound its way around the twists and turns of FM 414 in Chantry. more...

Cahpter 8


            8De Luco slammed the stack of phone records on the metal table Darrell

was leaning on. "What's going on?"


            Darrell looked perplexed. "What do ya mean sir?"


            "You know exactly what I am talking about." De Luco hesitated. When he saw that Darrell was not going to take the bait and offer any information, he impatiently pushed Darrell to open up. "You said you only talked to Miles since your wife went missing. Is that right? "


            "Yea, I guess so..." Darrell looked down at his lap.


           "You aren't being straight with me lad. I have been checking into your story and there are some inconsistencies. Would you like to clarify your previous statement to me?" De Luco was very close to Darrell's face as he leaned over the table.


            "What the hell do you want me to say?" Darrell backed away from the corpulent presence closing in on his personal space.


            "The truth-I want the truth Darrell. You have been talking to his sister, am I right?" De Luco jabbed his index finger into the stack of phone records.


            "Why does that matter?" Darrell defensively responded.


            "It matters because Miles is the last one you claim to have seen Holly. Holly and you had a big fight. Now, you and Miles' sister are talking numerous times a day at all hours of the night. What do you have to say about your guilt?" De Luco pressed.


            "I am not guilty of anything!" Darrell confirmed. "That stupid wench calls me! I don't know why she likes me like that. I haven't done a thing with her!"


            "Well I don't believe you. I think Holly is right. You are having an affair. I think you got rid of Holly so you could pursue this gal." De Luco didn't delay with what was foremost on his mind. A tactic grounded his reputation as being a no-holds-bar stubborn mule.


            Darrell began to sob. "I don't want Blythe. She probably wants me. I know she liked me in high school. I thought she had long since gave that petty pursuit up but I can see she obviously never did." Darrell blubbered.


            "Where's Holly?" De Luco said in a low, authoritative tone.


            "I don't know." Darrell repeated repeatedly, each time becoming less and less audible.


            De Luco looked down at his phone. "I just got the call. We have a search warrant for your house. Don't bother explaining yourself. We will know the truth soon." De Luco stormed out of the interrogation room. He ordered the deputy to place Darrell in temporary custody until more evidence could be collected.

            Back at Darrell's house, a swarm of law enforcement personnel littered the habitation of the Everten's. As they combed the place for clues in Holly disappearance, De Luco received a call from Millen.


            "What have you found out?" De Luco sat in his police car near the curb of the Everten's house.


            "Blythe has just left Miles' house. She is reported to be staying at his house for a few days." Millen said on the other line.


            "Good, good. Why don't you interview her since you are surveilencing the house anyway? Get some information from her, whatever you can. From the looks of things, she may open up to a female more so than a male." De Luco ordered.


            "I will do that boss. I'll let you know as soon as possible what I find out." Millen hung up.


            De Luco was debriefed from crime scene investigators later that evening that Holly's personal effects were still at her residence. She had left the house with her wallet, but left her jewelry, and items of huge sentimental value behind, like her brother's baby clothes she kept in a cedar chest. Things did not add up. If Holly had been angry with Darrell and wanted to leave him as Darrell had implied, she would have taken all those things with her. Holly had clearly planned to return.

            Interesting fact that was brought up by the team of investigators was that a second set of male belongings were at the house. They were inconsistent with the personal belongings Darrell owned. There weren't many items belonging to this unknown person, suggesting that this person was only visiting for a short time and it had been very recent. One of the disposable shavers had moist blood on it, alluding that it had been used that day. It was not a brand of shavers that a female would typically use.

            De Luco wolfed down a burrito at his office, as he began to make a timeline of events and highlights of interviews in the Everten case. Just then, the phone rang. "Millen," De Luco grunted.


            "Boss? Blythe spilled her guts like you said she would." Millen affirmed.


            "Good, good! What did she say?" De Luco searched for his notebook under the third burrito.


            "First, she was mentally unstable and clearly delusional. I am not sure how her testimony will hold up. Half of the time, I was not sure what she was talking about or where she was going with her thought process." Millen replied.


            "Get to the point Millen!" De Luco howled.


            "She said her and Darrell are hooking up. She said they are an item. She is looking forward to them living together. She would help Darrell get over the loss of Holly. She even said that she didn't mind having his baby-" Millen tried to continue but De Luco interrupted.

            "What? Is she pregnant with Darrell's baby?" De Luco dropped his burrito on the floor. "Damn it!" muttered De Luco.


            "I couldn't really tell. She was also scratching at her arms a great deal. She wore a lot of clothing to cover them up, but I got a glimpse as she shifted in her seat and they were really bloody and scarred." Millen responded.


            "She sounds like a fruitcake." De Luco had his mouth full of food.


            "Yes, and then she stated that she would help Darrell's dad get back on his feet by helping him get a job at the meat market she works at." Millen began to cut in and out, as her phone began to lose reception.


            "Darrell's dad? Who the hell is he?" De Luco ate the last of his third burrito.


            "I don't know. Did he ever mention his dad to you?" Millen faded in and out to the point that De Luco could hardly make out what she said.


            "You are cutting out. I want you to run a check on this guy. Do not go home until you do. I want to know who this guy is now!" De Luco barked back.


            "Okay boss." Millen's phone finally dropped the call.


            De Luco called Kelby Metzger, the lead crime scene investigator of the Everten house. "I need you to do me a favor Kelby." De Luco jumped right in as she answered the phone.


            "What is it 'Rigo?" Kelby casually commented.


            "See if you can find anything at the Everten house belonging to or identifying a man named Garrett Fleischer." De Luco directed.


            "I'll do it!" Kelby cheerfully obliged. "You know, come to think of it, I found a very dirty buttoned up shirt with the inside of the collar marked with a 'G' and an 'F'. We all joked that it belonged to a girlfriend."


            "I want that shirt in the lab pronto!" De Luco commanded. "Get anything else like that processed in the lab right away Kelby."


            "You got it 'Rigo!" Kelby chirped.


            De Luco squeezed in a call to the Caddo Parish attorney before he left the office at 6:30 that evening. "Sorry I called you on your personal phone so late Ace."


            "Okay with me Amerigo!" Ace Oaken assured.


            "Listen, I think we have a small break in this Everten case. I am going to fax over what I have. I want to get a search warrant on the Cartwright place over there on FM 414. But Judge Keller probably won't be out of court until 3 pm tomorrow right?"


            "Seems that was what I was told. If you need it sooner, I can rush it over to Judge Iverson. I don't think he would mind. He won't have anything on the docket until 2 pm when he sees those two civil cases." Ace ruminated thoughtfully.


            "Get me that warrant and I will get my guys to cover me when I beat on Cartwright's door tomorrow morning." De Luco said assertively.


            "No problem!" Ace hung up.



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