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A Present

Updated on November 25, 2021

Enomine Hermes Trismegistus Part III

So I find you, Divine?

Your beauty sublime.

As taste registers sweet,



Flow red rivers that rapture,

soft wrists.

In a sea of kisses,

the saucy wet hisses.

Roll in unbound waves,

brown hair displayed,

across Venetian vision,


For inside of coupling,

my mind you are suckling.

Into beads of quick silver,

my hearts been delivered.

Coursed through underground channels,

with shimmers...

The Glamour!

For your face reflects in my eyes.

The glass is not twinning,

Tho' reality spinning.

Vertigo so lucid and visceral.

The flesh, floral maze, with stippling concave.

I lose myself in those vined garden trails.

We walk hand in hand, through each other’s lands.

To find no clear distinction or veil.

My soul you've impressed,

with both breath and breast.

From words to curves, soft tone to home,

I've quickly yet deeply been shown.

That your souls creation,

resonates with my station ,

of wrinkly gray matter

an' white dusty bone.

Ergo, this scrabbled out poem,

of praise and prose, if only I'd known.

For many a day,

I would be enthralled in your wonders

take ship to sea!

Your honey I'd plunder.

As now it remains my single desire,

rooted in place with fever and ire,

to simply make us our own.

As with me to yours,

And you to mine.

Then the final fear, to remain in my mind;

that being so reclined,

my fingers unwind,

Draped in such ecstasy,

with no need to pine,

I may become deserted by rhyme!

Tho it has now in completion been wrote,

So if tis to be so it mote.

As heartfully and truthfully I quote:

"That here to there and then to when shall all succumb to our truth.

That you through me, and that me in you shall indubitably, undoubtedly give rise,

To the completion of creation that resides in God's eyes."


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