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A Quiver full of Arrows by Jeffrey Archer

Updated on October 10, 2010

A number one bestseller by Jeffrey Archer

I'm someone who's more inclined to read novels but for some reason I started reading this collection of short stories by Jeffrey Archer and I'm very glad I decided to read it. The collection has twelve short stories and they are varied and interesting. I especially like the way the author has blend the stories with history , its sort of like filling the gaps in history books without altering history , so lets take a peak at the collection of stories given in the book.

Quiver full of Arrows

Quiver full of arrows by jeffrey Archer
Quiver full of arrows by jeffrey Archer

Brief description of the short stories

1) The Chinese Statue

The first story takes you from modern times to ancient China where a casual remark from the British ambassador makes him an owner of rare piece of art from China. You can learn about some Chinese traditions and makes you a bit vary of giving casual remarks

2) The Luncheon

This is funny story and shows desperate things people can do to achieve what they want to achieve. And also shows that if your not properly informed you can lose money for unnecessary things.

3) The Coup

Two people who have being business rivals for years check into the same hotel in another country. A coup takes place and they are stuck in the hotel for few days and discover a lot about themselves

4) The First Miracle

This is one of stories that fills those holes in history. If you are a Christian you can guess some characters of the story halfway down the story but I double you can guess the main character until you come to the end of story.

5) The Perfect Gentleman

A card games changes a life of a man and helps him get over his trouble, but did he really won it or does the compassion shown by his rival changes his life ? Very intriguing story.

6) One Night Stand

Two people who were friends for a long time desires one woman and who will get her ? Can the desire of a woman brake even the best of friendships ? Maybe they can , if nothing else you can get an insight of how women think

7) The Century

Another story that is gently blended in with history. It helps if you have some understanding about the game of Cricket otherwise you might find it a bit difficult to understand the terms used in this short story.

8) Broken Routine

Some people are just used to routines and when there routine is broken you just might find them doing crazy things. This is such a story although the story line might sound a bit familiar.

9) Henry's Hiccup

A rich man who is used to have everything done for him finds that the things have changed after the war and pleasing his wife with the luxuries isn't as easy anymore

10) A Matter of Principle

A honest man who succeed because of hard work and good work ethics finds himself in a position where his ethics might hinder the progress of his company. Who will win ? The ethics or the company or is it just that he doesn't get a hint

11) The Hungarian Professor

A old professor gone crazy or a brilliant professor who travels the world through the aid of books.

12) Old Love

My favorite short story is also the last story. Two undergraduates with a bitter rivalry but the circumstances leads them to be lovers who start a memorable love story and two people who couldn't be separated for more than few hours even in death. A great finish to a great collection of short stories

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