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A Tribute to my Best Friend, Jax

Updated on May 4, 2016
To the girl who wanted all her ducks in the same row
To the girl who wanted all her ducks in the same row

My tribute to Jax

Good day to all, come gather round,
And read these words I have set down.
I have an epic tale to tell,
About my mate, my friend, my gal.
A girl I knew from way back when,
Who's smiling face I shan't ever forget;
This tribute's to you, Jacquelene.

The tragic news came on a bitter cold day,
The news of the crash that took you away.
My blood ran ice cold and I started to cry;
You, my best friend of old, were my twin in life.
So much so it must have been quite plain to all,
Even without our skateboards and bouncing balls.
What a pair were you and me, hey Jackie?

"A horse crushed my patella" is what you said,
Way back in standard one, when we first met.
It's only now I remember thinking "Wow! Well, OK"
And smiling at you as I backed slowly away.
How silly it was, I realize now thinking back;
Especially in Light of what came after that:
The friendship between you and me, Jacquelene.

While ours was a tentative friendship at first,
It wasn’t that long til our verbal dams burst.
We were each and both our parents’ only child;
And we were both also tomboys and we’d both grown up wild.
I am grateful for all those things that did bind us,
And for your legacy to me, your fun loving kindness.
I want to thank you for those memories, Jax.

We were always each both just a little intense,
Both witty and smart, but quick to take 'ffense.
Maybe that it is why, even close as we were,
We often did argue and let fly the fur.
Remember? How we'd always "break up",
Then both spend a week or two, down in the dumps?
Funny were you and me, hey Jaxi Taxi?

Yet even as much as we did fight back then,
We were, at least, always quick to make mends;
Luckily for the rest, the splits never did last too long,
And it never did matter who was right and who wrong;
'Cause only with each other could we just think right out 'loud,
And only in you, such a friend have I found.
Thanks for hangin' with me, Jacquelene.

Rebels we were, you and me in a way;
Both always in trouble, almost every single day.
And boy, didn't we think that we had style?
With our MacGyver ankle boots and our Swiss Army knives.
We were larrikins back in those early years,
Full of laughter and fire and unburdened by fears.
Back then it was just you and me, Mac and Jack.

Our friendship back then, off to such a great start,
And obviously destined to make a big mark,
Would unfortunately be put to the ultimate test,
When one day in June I was packed up and sent.
You’ll never now how sad I was, leaving you behind,
Nor how bad I felt for not getting to say goodbye.
I know you did, but I’ll never forgive me, Jackie.

And yet, despite being put on hold in its prime,
Our friendship still spanned great distance and time;
Always, no matter how many years had gone past,
What ever day we'd meet, would be just like the last.
I thank God each day for those memories I keep;
For how less rich would my life have been,
If I'd never loved you lots like jelly tots, Jax?

Things have been a bit rough here, you probably know.
Not much else to do though, but go with the flow.
And yet I imagine I'm telling you nothing surprising;
With you and your past, I'd see an eyebrow rising.
Luckily, bad luck isn't all that we've shared;
We've both also been blessed with many who've cared,
Not to mention each other, hey Dudette?

You really always were the very bestest of friends,
A quantum mirror I’ll never get to look into again.
So, if your passing's left a shadow, dark on my heart,
It's because on my soul you left a poignant mark.
Your Light burned so brightly, it sometimes did blind us;
An enigma you were, with unique sublimeness.
I'll never forget you, Maxi Jaxi.

Now grief fills my heart and leaves it heavy with sadness,
But only 'cause knowing you has brought me such gladness,
That the thought of never getting to see you again,
Feels like more than I sometimes think I can bare.
'Cause despite all the miles, you'd always felt near;
Til now that you're gone, which is all that seems clear.
Always have and always will miss you, Jack D.

And yet, as sad as I've been getting thinking of you,
It's actually one thing that's really helped me get through.
For whenever I can't see the forest for the trees,
I always stop and think of how great you could be.
And so if my Light now blazes through the darkness,
It's only because yours gave me strength I could harness.
So I have to say, thanks a stack, Jack!

That memory of you, your quick laughter and wit,
So rare to suit mine and such a great fit,
Is something I know I will treasure for ever.
Come what may and through any endeavor;
Your love and your joy, your hope and your faith,
Will inspire me and mine through all of our days;
You will live on in my heart and mind, Jacquelene.

It seems this little tribute has turned out quite long,
But I wanted to make sure I didn't get any wrong.
And despite the fact it may make you quite gruff,
Living on in our hearts just isn't quite enough,
And so I've been thinking of what might suffice,
To honour your spirit, as we loved you in life.
An official tribute to you, Lovely Lady.

The only thing I came up with and couldn't dismiss,
Was to write a great story, and make you the main gist.
So I'll write of us two, and I'll make us real cool,
As we run round fighting crime and taking down fools.
And so the enigma of your bright shining Light,
Will live on through time to guide many in life.
Just like you do for me, Whacky Jackie.

So that’s why I sit here on cold winter nights;
To think of the Angel of whom I shall write.
The story I'll tell will be of spunk and of dare;
About love, life and death and the road to nowhere.
A story of two Angels, both Agents of The Light,
And the demons who hunt them through daytime and night.
Angels who defied the norm like us, hey Jax?

The story I write shall be written with care,
A fun record of us and all that we dared.
It will be something our kids can read too,
To gain a fresh insight, to see what we'd do.
Adventures and quandaries that'll leave them in wonder,
With courage and candour as brain food to ponder.
The combined wisdom of Mel and Jackie.

And this poetic tribute is a prayer and a meme;
Meant to give us pause to hope and to dream.
And so it will be that these words will appear,
In the front of those books, as a dedication clear.
For it's my intention the whole world gets to see
How special the bond was between you and me.
We were a phenomenon: The Cheese Taxi.

But for now and most sadly, I farewell you today;
I wish you the best as you go on your way.
Perhaps someday we can once again meet?
I pray one day, up in the sky we shall greet.
Until then may your soul soar up high,
Your spirit forever free now to roam far and wide.
Go with our love and blessing, 'kay Jackie?

And don't ever forget that I love you my friend;
Have right from the start, and will to the end.
The heavens are now forever yours to explore,
This is just a night's end before a brighter dawn.
Know that a more amazing person I have never met,
You were a magnificent paradox I'll not ever forget.
Now from me to the best mate that has ever been,
I say goodbye once more, as you go off to dream.
And though my heart breaks so, as if I might die,
I'll always be thankful to have had you in my life.
Now there's only one thing left left to say, Jacquelene,
Please, now and forever, my sweet,
May you always rest in peace.
Love me.


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  • safe-at-last profile imageAUTHOR

    Mel Stewart 

    3 years ago from Western Australia

    Thank you!

  • whonunuwho profile image


    3 years ago from United States

    This was a nice tribute to your friend. So heartfelt and well presented.Well done my friend. whonu

  • whonunuwho profile image


    3 years ago from United States

    Such a nice tribute to a wonderful friend. Your fine work is well received and may God bless you my friend. whonu


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