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A Vignette of Imagination: Rodeo Winter

Updated on January 3, 2011

Rodeo Winter

 Staring into the deserted landscape covered in snow reminded her of how boring winter could be.  Sure, snow is pretty when it first falls, but after that, there’s the sleet and the slush, and muck that follows.  To her, the only good thing about winter was the cuddling.  Watching movies in the warmth of someone’s arms was her only delight in the colder months.  Of course it’s always okay to build one snowman a year.  Overall she’d rather be as far away form the snow as possible, somewhere…..west.

The west reminded her of cowboys and scorpions.  She could learn to ride a horse and buy some spurs and real leather boots with a black hat to keep the sun off of her face.  She’d be a good looking cowgirl.  Even John Wayne might approve and take her under his wing to have an adventure.  Her whole life she’s worn her hair in a ponytail and worked hard for everything she had.  Not much to it, she thought.  She could even learn to cook an old-fashioned hearty meal and maybe even find a good man to keep her mind right.  She wouldn’t even need to cuddle in the west; she’d only have a man to watch the sunsets with her.


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