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A Writers Mini Guide To Being Inspired Again

Updated on November 27, 2015

Struggling With Writers Block

As a writer I understand how frustrating it can be when you just can't seem to get your thoughts together. I'm no different from any other writer when it comes to writers block. Whether it's children, family, limited time, medical problems, or the plain fact that I'm just at a loss for words due to numerous distractions or worse....absolute silence...We all need inspiration. Something to light that spark and feed the fire of our creativity.

The Clueless writer

Remember When...

I remember when I went to highschool. That was the beginning of my interest in writing. Back then I experienced everything much differently than I do now. Maybe it was hormones, maybe I had a sense of heightened awareness, or maybe it was because I was exposed to so many topics, ideas, academic subjects, and varying relationships that might have contributed. Either way all hope has not been lost and getting back to your roots and being inspired again is not really as hard as it seems.

Good news

Experience the World

Now I am NOT saying you have to book a flight to China, but why not take a vacation of sorts? This could be as simple as taking a drive to another City. Spend the day in an alternate scenery. However, do not start your day with the intent of looking for things to write about. Just try enjoying the scenery. Relax and let those happy endorphins flood your body and mind. Take some pictures, and learn a little about the area. It's history, events, the people...Inspiration comes with experience and emotion. When you let go and just feel those emotions will come.

New Scenery


It's time to break out that photo album. Go through some old photos and talk about them with a loved one or better still...Call that Aunt/Uncle that likes to talk on the phone for hours. Ask him/her about their experiences as a child or young adult. What was going on in their life? Where did they like to spend their time as a teenager? Get them to tell you a secret. Experiencing these moments with family not only may spark your creativity, but it will renew some of that love and respect with a loved one. I call that a Win Win situation.

Get on the Phone

Tap into your 'Inner Child'

Remember when you ran down the hall and in your mind you were as fast as Flash or when watching Peter Pan made you want to fly? Okay, maybe that was just me, but children have the most amazing imaginations. Your imagination is not lost, it has just been buried under bills, errands, work and other adult nonsense.

Buy some play dough and make mini dinosaur figurines, or buy a box of Legos and build something fantastic. Let your imagination run wild. When you can make something with your own two hands you feed your soul, and your sense of self is renewed. This is a bonus if you have children of your own.

Project Time

Playdough Tutorial



Wait..Keep reading. I don't mean a Buddhist monk's style of meditation. I mean relaxed, calm visual stimulation. Lay down in the grass at the park or in your backyard and do some cloud watching. This cost $0 and doubles as another neat activity you could do with children or a loved one. Watching the clouds can be very relaxing. Try to point out the different shapes in the clouds. Find a bunny, a dragon, a goat, or two people kissing. Relax and feel the moment.

Just Watching the Clouds

Break out a Notebook

You can use this notebook in two ways, and both are beneficial. The first way is to use the notebook as a diary or journal. Start out by capturing your day to day activities (such as the above mentioned activities) then capture those fleeting thoughts that come at random.
(I once wrote an entire chapter based on one fleeting thought that just kept growing)

The second way is to use it as...well...a notebook. Research, take notes, write down ideas. Scour the internet for motivational quotes or search areas of interest. Take notes on anything you found particularly interesting or otherwise inspiring.

Start Writing

What are you Waiting for?

When you write you are exercising your brain. So in a manner of speaking ANY writing that you do will help to clear the fog and jump-start those brain neurons once again.
So in a nutshell what you need to do is: A) Relax your mind B) Experience feelings C) Remember and Share D) Write your way through the brain-fog to writer's block freedom

(If all else fails you just write while drunk and edit when you are sober)

Make the Commitment

Are you going to commit to writing something today?

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    • HeatherBlesh profile image

      Heather Gomez 3 years ago from Monterey, CA

      That's right! If you are a natural over thinker and love to write eventually those thought will fall into place. I'm literally in the middle of writing three different articles now. My biggest issues are A)enough content B) formatting C)proper keyword optimization. Thank you for reading :-) Btw I love Animation too. I have two children so I use them as as my excuse to watch Disney/Pixar etc..

    • Patrick Rijnders profile image

      Patrick Rijnders 3 years ago from The Netherlands

      Ah, the dreaded writer's block ;) It can be a real pain, no doubt, and I appreciate the list you have made. Definitely some good tips there, it's always best to just forget about writing for a bit, clear your head and then sooner or later the ideas come back again.