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A million lies

Updated on March 31, 2010


Love is one big lie i will try to forget.They say that two wrongs cannot make a right, that means that two lies cannot make a truth but when lie become uncounted,it becomes painful and that is when we come across deceit.

True love counts no error,of course as humans there must be errors but when you love someone,you suppose to do that with your whole heart and that is why most men does pray to be better husbands and good fathers.I have seen love and all the pains it bring.

And i wonder

what is love

Is love made of lies

Is love meant for pains

Is love not love

You see, when a million lies get together, the truth will emerge because a love sealed with a kiss and for better and for worse has one factor...


I met love

when i was a little boy,it was a cousin's wedding, she was the little bride and i was the page boy, to me, it was my wedding day,i could not let her go,i was young but i knew what papa meant when he told mama how beautiful she is.I saw that beauty in her and felt love.What is he doing? They asked when i sat next to her and tried to kiss her.I knew what i was doing because she is my wife and lover,we just had our wedding and i was simply giving her my own portion of love sealed with a kiss...

That wedding

Was the last time i saw her

I cried as they took her away

She is gone O she is gone

Everyone was surprised

Does he know what he is doing

Why wouldn't i know what is love

I kept dreaming of her and hoping that one day i will see her again,this became a daily dream of the most pretty girl in the world.

Her hand was to be mine forever

My forever was as true as her smile

She was what is missing in me

I knew that we were married

And when i asked her if she know

She simply said,

I do.

But they took her away and that was the end of her,i didn't see her again except in my dreams,yes dreams is love and it is one big lie.

As time passed,i grew up and became a boy,i knew that i had a dream of my true love but will this dream ever come true?Dreams are lies and i tried to forget this thing called love so i forgot about this dream then one day,she came around,i knew that she was the answer to my prayers so i gave her my heart,i gave her my trust and in her i saw nothing but sparkles of light.

The sky is blue because of her

The moon shines because of her

She was my dusk and dawn

I thanked heaven for bringing her to me

I blessed the day she was born

I called it a blessed day to remember

She smiles like a Dove

My everything

In her i saw the power of love and hoped that one day,we will walk to the altar and i hear her say I do.She was my everything and there was no lie in her,she has a golden hair and everything she does is golden.

But come a day of a million lies, a day i will never forget, that same day reminded me of the very first day, they took away my Angel,this time, no one took her away, she simply walked away and left me in pains.

My heart was broken

As she say goodbye

You are too young for me

I have visions for myself

I am more matured my dear

You have so much yet to build

I want a man for my heart

But it will take you years to be

So i am sorry but i have to go

What we felt wasn't love

Because you are not man enough

Bye bye my little prince

She called me her little prince,i was 18 and she was 16 yet i am her little prince. A million lies cannot make a truth,she has been laying for me,it was never love in anyway that is why i decided to give this thing called love a break.

But love is not something you can just let go,it has its own ways and it can penetrate where you least expected that was why when i turned 25 and believe that i am man enough,i gave it a welcome hand.Yes! it is the ripe time.

We met where i never knew love could be found and she promised to be there for me,we became very close and closer to any risk you can imagine,i rode on naked wire to prove my love.

There was no where,you don't hear about us,we were hot and breaking news,she made me a celebrity and in her was my whole world.I saw my green pastures in her and with her,i could walk and tremble the cobras under foot.

Going out alone was not a problem

My trust o she has in every situation

Not long ago,i realized that something was wrong but i gave it a time to hatch then one day,it all dawned on me that the love i felt was not meant for me,she was seeing another man.

Is love all about pains

Is love meant to bring tears

How do i tell my story

Where do i go for help

I knew that everything was no longer alright but i am man enough and needed a woman around so when i saw her,i knew that she will be better than others so i decided that since love is a game,two can play.

She was older and i mean much older than me

She was brighter and more lovely than her

She was matured and single o the right lady for me

I do not need a young single girl anymore, how can i end this relationship and just focus on my matured lady.

She told me that she was not married and didn't want to marry because to her,she don't need no commitment,Independence is what she called her MOTTO.

She sneaks out for fun

I go boldly for fun

She believe that i was a fool

I knew all she is doing

She lies about her shifts

It gives me time to spend with my lady

Since love is a game

Two can play

Two wrongs cannot make a right that means that two lies cannot make a truth but when lies becomes uncountable,then we make deceit a best friend but who is fooling who?

A Million Lies.

We walked into the restaurant holding hands,she was more matured and older but to me she makes me happy,she told me and swore that she is single then i allowed this thing to grow.One funny thing about love,it doesn't tell when there is lie in it.

It makes you believe

It makes you a fool

It makes you blind

It makes you weak

It leaves you grounded

As we walked in to have our portion of love,behold my own sweetheart with another man,i have heard about it but just saw it today.Love is not blind,it can see.

This is the girl i gave my heart

Kissing another man in a restaurant

This is the woman who told me that she is single

Trying to understand who is been kissed

It was her own husband who was suppose to be in a meeting,he is right in the restaurant having fun with my queen,his concubine.Now imagine this;

She told me that she single but it is a lie,this is her husband right here with my own girl friend.

She told me that she was off for work but she lied,she is right here with another man

I told her that i will never cheat on her no matter what she do but i lied,here i am with another woman

He told her that he was in a meeting but he lied,here he is with another woman

She told him that she will be visiting her Dentist but she lied,here she is standing hand in hand with me

A million lies

A million pains

Love has a million ways

There are a million men

But it takes a true heart

To love one man

Or one woman

A million ways

That was of course my end with her and she simply walked away,i have to go on with my life and try as much as i can to forget about this thing called love.If it is a feeling,i will never feel it again but there is one problem.

When it is sealed with

A kiss and a promise.

It doesn't give much room

For freedom

You can play the game

But when caught

Remember the vow.

Till death do us part

We all parted ways but my single matured lady had her portion settled in a different way,there is no Independence in lies and for you to play,better be single.

Prize of

A Million Lies.
A Million Lies.


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks MFB 111 for stopping by.

      Let us walk side by side just like 50-caliber said.

    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 

      8 years ago from United States

      The game of love....hands down.

      The game of love

      requires no cheating

      no casual glances

      at anothers hand

      longing to pick up

      what they might

      willingly lay down.

      discarding a sure

      thing for a chance

      at getting something wild

      hurting a partner

      by making the wrong choice

      leaving them with

      less then a pair

      less then a full house.

      This can turn

      diamonds into spades

      burying a marriage

      or a relationship

      it can turn hearts into clubs

      such as lonely hearts clubs

      or lovers just

      clubbing each other

      with no hearts left

      ...with hard words

      or fists of rage.

      Perhaps two who've

      played well together

      now are left checking

      after waiting endlessly

      for one to call

      after seeing what

      the other one is keeping

      on the side

      then going out in disgust

      with faces flushed

      ...shuffling away.

      sach stack of 52

      weeks dealt to you

      must be played straight

      even when the

      chips are down

      lest those who cheat daily

      all around you

      steal you from

      the game of love

      lure you into giving

      up all you have

      only to trade

      "you" in later

      for a much

      better hand.

      Great hub..I enjoyed your winding road down love's path a lot more than you III

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks for coming by bro Micky, lie,it starts with just one lie but like d wise say...D END JUSTIFIES D MEANS!!

      Obi...keep your eyes on the ball.(do not 4get dis)

    • profile image

      Obiajulu aikay samuel 

      8 years ago

      Another name for us all especially this generation is LIES but most backicable to Women (No offence targeted)

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      That picture at the end is how some of those lies end. It all starts with one lie. Great writing Bro!

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Reginald,we are all equipped with great potentials but mind you,without you,there will be no me.Thanks for the compliment.(Loyal)...Stef darling,glad you read it to him,do not mind the cupboard,there is no skeleton in it.

    • profile image

      Stephanie Godfrey 

      8 years ago

      This is so inspiring,i read it to my boyfriend this morning

    • profile image

      Soludo Reginald 

      8 years ago

      Rossi, you're just too much. Your potentials, i wonder, if it has limit.


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