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My Friend Judy

Updated on March 10, 2012

Our Ladies Banquet

Judy saying a few words to the ladies
Judy saying a few words to the ladies | Source

My Friend Judy

What a blessing you are to me, You can be so fun and care free. And then so serious and a mystery

I really got to know you, At the ladies summer retreat. I watched you helping others, and being so sweet

I will never forget the time your friend was sick. You wanted us ladies to know how important it was to take care of our selves, So you laid it on quite thick

That was all right, because you showed us that you cared. You didn’t want us to get sick too. And you just had to share

Another time you told us ladies. That you felt you had been neglecting us. And you wanted to change all that. So you did, with much to do and a little fuss.

You took time to show us of fun things to do. A banquet, shopping, ladies retreats and more. You taught us to be like the women in Titus 2:4

I love to watch you with your grandchildren. I know they are your source of joy. Loving, cuddling, laughing and playing. With them on the floor with their toys

Showing your love to your husband, children and grand-kids.. What a fine example you are to me. Is what the master plan of what God did.

I see how much love you have for your husband. Since he has been so sick. Close by his side never missing a trick. Comforting, praying and asking for God’s mercy and grace. Thinking how you wish you could take his place.

Your are so special “My friend,” Judy Woodall Fountain, Pastor Dennis’s loving wife

March 10, 2012


By Bonnie J. Lytle Smith

A loving, supporting wife

A loving wife, Judy and Pastor Dennis
A loving wife, Judy and Pastor Dennis | Source

Family Bible by Ricky Van Shelton


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