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Alfred Fox Presents "Predator"

Updated on August 3, 2017
alfredfox profile image

Alfred Fox Presents..Short Stories! The author of the horrific crime novel "Rideum Amrous" and the disturbing fable "When The Lights Go Out"

A short story by Alfred Fox Presents. Exclusive to Hubpages. Alfred Fox is a published author who writes violent and horrifying material. His writing, which is sometimes humorous will still, no doubt, leave you shocked, disturbed and provoked.

Be warned,

Alfred Fox Presents ..........


He saw her in the distance, it was what made him come out from behind the trees. Not wanting to lose sight of her, he began to move in closer for a better look, how beautiful she looked. He couldn't remember the last time he had had sex, but he knew it had been far too long. Desperate and hot, he began to feel himself becoming aroused just at the mere sight of her. Walking faster towards her, he quickly glanced around to see if there were any witnesses. Three people stood at the other end of the park, two men and one woman, chatting away in the sun.

His fast walk quickly turning into a run, he found himself right behind her just as she turned the corner. Pouncing on her from behind, he pushed her down to the ground. He knew that the people he had spotted may overhear the commotion and come to her rescue, but he was so erect he couldn't think straight enough to give a damn. As he fumbled above her, it was only a matter of seconds before he found his way inside her. He could hear shouting in the distance and he knew that he had to be fast if he wanted to satisfy himself. Thrusting himself against her vigorously without a care in the world, he had no concern of who she was; how old she was. He didn't know the meaning of the word, consent.

He hadn't lasted long, two minutes maybe, before he felt himself ejaculate inside her. At the same time, he hadn't noticed that one of the men in the distance had been making his way towards him, but the man would be too late, he had already climaxed, that's all that had mattered to him. The deed was done.

As he felt the man pull him off her and begin to restrain him around the neck, he decided not to struggle, after all, he had accomplished what he had set out to do, satisfy his sexual urge. Nobody could turn back the time and refuse him such ecstasy, not now.

And as the man pulled at the lead around his neck and walked him back through the park, he watched as the other man and woman that had been seen in the distance, joined their dog, she too, restrained around the neck with a harness and she too, without a care in the world.


Alfred Fox The Author

Alfred Fox has published two books, a short, yet disturbing fable called "When The Lights Go Out" about the final days leading up to the 2011 London riots, and a novel called "Rideum Amrous" a horrific crime thriller set in London. His books will guarantee to keep you awake at night and disturbed throughout your day.


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