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Updated on February 10, 2018

- Entheos: (N-thay-Ose)= Greek work meaning "God Within"

-"Hoi Eudaimwn": (hoy--you-dime-win)= ancient Greek phrase meaning "The Blessed One"


listen up

Listen Up

Listen Up!

Listen Up!!


All 'ya Listen Up! To this simple hick from Michigan

Bless-ed talent of a winner, cursed to fail at sh*t of which I can

Quickly glimpsin' what I'm missin- then right back here in this again

"Ya'know the Joker's chokin' me- my God why aint'cha' pitchin' in?"

Gotta let me wallow, it's been a Bitter pill to swallow

Jehovah I still follow, but our covenant feels hollow

Perseguido por el maligno, mi suerte muy malo -("Haunted by the Evil One"- "my luck is very bad")

A P.O.W. in H-E-L(L), solitary in my cell

Rotting under Sauron's spell- Satan texting "LOL"

But y'all think ya can relate- SH*T !! - so I just say I'm doin' well

Feelin' it pissin' all away while I still wait for Christ to christen

Still praying my petition- waiting for the Lord to listen

"Your mercenary to the serpent hissin', I'm weary- hear my wishin'.....

Mercy, God, refill my dish'n- how 'bout a pot to piss in?

Or at the very least, pretty up the pig I'm kissin' "

"Daniel! Listen to yourself!

I know your loss is often itchin' but you're too bless-ed to be bitchin'

Recall you're relatively rich'n- still got limitless ambition

Yes- it's a cruel gruel on your dish but the Cook's still in the kitchen

I know you feel it's all ablaze, I know you feel it's wastin'

But even if you're being chastened, stare the Devil in the face'n

Stare him down- shame his gaze- tell that bitch to know his place'n

You've still been given grace- Bro, you may be in the urinal, surely the inferno

But you just may be immortal, and you're certainly eternal

I know sometimes you don't feel very blessed, but it's O.K. to fake it

All this bullsh*t gored you greatly- but not fatally- you'll make it

There's a Lion livin' within you, it's your time to awake it

The crown is still within your reach- so get off your ass and take it"

Listen Up!

listen up

Listen Up

Listen Up!

Listen Up!!


Listen! F*ck this alliteration, I run this Angelic nation

How bout a re-calibration, starting off with celebration?

All glory to the Holy Ghost! As I have breath I'll sing His song

Who am I? ENTHEOS!!! My name is written on His Palm

Highlighted in the Book of Life- the Lord must've loved me all along

Praise to my Creator! I am Heaven sent from Kingdom Come

No, I'm not the Son of God- I'm a prodigal he still calls son

I'm not claiming that "I AM"- I am claiming I'm His #1

Listen up life!!!

No more the Devil's matador- Warrior- I'm an immortal gladiator

I've suffered what I had it for- Survivor- The Holy Spirit's co-Creator

The conviction that I carry makes the Devil very wary

My loss is temporary- my soul is luminary

A goal that's wholly Holy - my conviction military

Glory given, holy moley- legacy that's legendary

Listen Up! I gotta admit, this little ditty is pretty bi-polar

But I went from sh*tty legitly, to a really high roller

The literal likeness of Christ, my Lord I adore ya

It's hard to walk softly when my stick is this massive

It's hard to be passive when I'm reborn so aggressive

No need for persuasion with my sh*t this impressive

Ain't gotta ring my own bell, but f*ck it- ding, ding

No need to be sing song when I'm so f*ckin'- bling, bling

Ain't gotta act King Kong, when that's what bein' King brings

Omnipotence dwells within- I wish y'all knew this feeling

Hey! If Jacob grappled a Deity, and my Sovereignty keeps swelling......?

O.K.- Hold up!...Calm down!....quit yelling!

I'm an boastful sinner and a Holy Vessel- Inspired- still confessing

Listen, I will always bow to Jesus' Will- I'm Blessed to be a Blessing!!!

Got ears?! All 'ya Listen Up!


Listen Up!!

Listen Up!

listen up!

listen up




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    • aim4strz profile image

      Daniel Austhof 2 years ago from West Michigan

      Larry, thanks for reading and I guess thanks for the support:)

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting rhyme.